Girl Gets So Drunk She Tries To Order Drinks At The DJ Booth

Girl tries to order shots at DJ boothNewsflare

There are certain telling signs on a night out when you know it’s time to put the shots aside and limp over to the nearest takeaway.

For me – I’ve been reliably informed – this could be at any point between belting out Disney songs on the toilet, to insisting the increasingly irritated hipster DJ play all my favourite Dolly Parton classics ‘because it’s my birthday’.

For others, the club or bar becomes an increasingly distorted place after a few too many bevvies, with everything tipped upside-down and thrown this way and that.

Doors and stools seem to pop up in unexpected and painful places, and nothing is where it should be. Even he bar itself may as well be at the centre of a maze.

This was the hilarious fate of one young woman on a night out in Manchester, who introduced herself as ‘Meg’. Looking happy and confident with her decision, she stood before the DJ booth with a very unexpected request.

Holding four fingers up to the DJ, Meg bellowed, ‘Four sambucas’, proceeding to insist multiple times. And no, this wasn’t a belated request for a funky remix of Four Lions. This tipsy woman had simply mistook the DJ booth for the bar and wasn’t about to be convinced otherwise.

Brandishing her bank card, the seemingly sloshed clubber became increasingly exasperated as her pleas for booze were continually ignored. ‘Four sambucas’ Meg enunciated, while waving her method of payment emphatically, but to no avail.

With the patience of a man who’s seen all the highs and lows of club life, the DJ explained:

This is a DJ booth. The bar’s over there love. The bar’s over there.

As the DJ pointed helpfully across the dance-floor, the penny finally dropped for our half-seas over heroine. With a theatrical gesture I’m personally all for. The pickled lass threw back her head and clapped her hand to her head with a sudden, dawning realisation.

The all too relatable footage quickly went viral, with partying Meg becoming something of a folk hero for our modern times.

After all, haven’t we all spent half an hour looking for our phone in the club, only to realise we’re already on the phone to someone?

Haven’t we all strode over to the bar before completely forgetting what our mate wants to drink? This woman is all of us, and her agonised face-palm speaks for us all.

One person described the video as being ‘the story of my life’ while another said Meg was her ‘spirit animal’.

Another person commented:

I wanna be friends with Meg (yes, the one that ordered four sambuca’s at the DJ booth). [sic]

Hopefully Meg was able to successfully make her way across the dance-floor to the bar; sating her thirst for sambuca and having an absolutely cracking night all round.

I must say though, I don’t envy the thought of the steaming hangover awaiting her the following morning. Four sambucas? More like five paracetamols…

Always drink responsibly though people!

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