Girl Had Sex With Ex In Dress, Finds His Mum Wearing It

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 15 Feb 2019 13:58
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A 21-year-old who left her dress at a guy’s house after a night of passion was shocked to discover photos of his mum wearing the dress a few months later.

Lillie Haines was ‘having a nose’ through Facebook (we’ve all been there) when she spotted the mum of her old flame posing in her dress and a pair of fetching gold heels.


The 21-year-old shared her social media discovery on, naturally, social media, with many of her friends finding the whole thing hilarious, if not a bit strange.

That’s when things got stranger, however, as the mum – Caroline Eastwood – then commented on Lillie’s post.

She wrote:


Oops that was me!! Jealously is an ugly trait! Get over it girls I am impressed I can wear a 19/20 yr old dress and looks so much better in it!! [sic]

To which Lillie replied:

hows that jealousy… imagine wearing something ur son shagged in tho [sic]


The comments didn’t stop there, with some of Lillie’s friends chiming in.

One person quipped:

Come off it Caroline I bet mid band you snuck your way in that room and thieved it you mare. You had your eye on that dress the whole time.

While another said:


Imagine actually being a grow women/mother trying to justify stealing a dress from her sons bedroom. I’m dead mate. What a bunch of freaks. [sic]

Lillie, understandably, then said she didn’t want the dress back. To which Caroline replied: ‘Well stop going on about it then you silly little b*tch,’ which is a very mature response from the mum.

Speaking about the eyebrow-raising moment, Lillie said:


I was just having a nose through her [Caroline’s] Facebook the other day. I just stumbled across it and saw she had uploaded a photo and I was like ‘that’s my dress’. I was just sat there thinking to myself ‘what the hell?’

I just had to laugh about it because I was in so much shock. It’s hilarious. I just can’t get my head around it. [Since posting about it] I’ve had so many comments from people saying it’s so gross. It’s embarrassing her [Caroline] commenting on it.

She’ll probably keep it even after all of this. It wouldn’t surprise me if she puts up a photo over the weekend or whenever she next wears it.

Explaining how she came to forget to take the dress home the morning after, Lillie explained she went home the next day wearing the guy’s jogging bottom’s and dressing gown.

He then moved out shortly after, and Lillie thought she’d never see her dress again. Turns out she did see it again though. The benefits of social media hey?

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