Girl Instantly Regrets Testing Boyfriend’s Loyalty With Megan Fox Lookalike


To Catch a Cheater has ripped apart another otherwise stable relationship again, in a new special double episode.

In the episode, posted to the undercover pranksters’ YouTube channel, we meet a woman who suspects her boyfriend of cheating.

So what does she do? Test his loyalty by dangling some lady-bait in front of him for millions of viewers to watch. Obviously.

The insecure woman, when asked if she felt bad for testing her boyfriend, said:

I’ll feel awful.

But I don’t think I’ll tell him even if he passes.

She added she would be ‘heartbroken’ if her partner took the bait.

The ‘bait’, who allegedly looks like Megan Fox, approached the partner outside his gym and asked if he was a personal trainer. She suggested they become ‘workout buddies’ – which I guess is what the kids are calling it these days.

The gym-goer’s offensive culminates with an offer to the man to touch her butt and the loyal man dismissed the woman’s advances. Smiles all round? Nope.

In an unexpected twist of events, the man brushes off an exchange of phone numbers with the perfect stranger, saying ‘I’m married’… Which is news to his girlfriend.

Amid debate about the validity of his claim to be married, the girlfriend calls him to confront him about the suspected affair, at which point he hangs up.

I’d say that’s case – and relationship – closed.