Girl Lets Go Of Stroller And Sends It Hurtling Down Hill

Girl pushes brother down hillAsiaWire

If you’ve got a brother or sister, you’ll have no doubt got into some scraps when you were kids.

Sibling rivalry, brotherly love, play-fighting, call it what you want, but it’s pretty much unavoidable if you’re not an only-child.

Footage has emerged, however, of one sibling taking the rivalry a step too far.

This video shows a little girl said to be jealous of her baby brother pushing the toy car he is to the top of a slope, then casually letting go, releasing the stroller before it hurtles downhill, crashing and flipping over at the bottom.

Check out the frightening moment here:

The dramatic incident believed to have been filmed in China shows their mum witnessing the moment and giving chase.

The video shows the little girl being left to look after her brother in his pushchair when she moves the toy car to the top of the slope outside their home.

As the mum exists the front door and prepares to close it, the girl suddenly lets go of the pushchair handlebar and sends the boy screaming as he rolls down the slope.

girl pushes brother down hillAsiaWire

The stunned mum quickly runs after the toy car, but it speeds uncontrollably to the bottom of the slope carrying the terrified boy.

Luckily, it manages to avoid a concrete wall before overturning, leaving the injured boy sprawling on the ground as his mum rushes over to check on him.

The child is understood not to have been seriously injured, but local media has been speculating on the girl’s motives, calling her ‘jealous of the second-born’.

On the other hand, it’s big stroller for a young girl to be expected to look after. Either way, I’m sure there won’t be any more scrapes between the siblings for the foreseeable.

Sibling rivalry has been playing out a fair bit recently, especially as the new film Incredibles 2 hits cinemas, sparking fierce debate between those who loved the original 14 years ago, and those too young to remember it.

Much to our dismay, Incredibles 2 isn’t out in the UK yet, but some lucky countries have already started screening our favourite red-suited family, and one fan in particular wasn’t about to get beaten into the theatre by his younger brother.

Right from the off, this astounding clip shows the older guy means business. He’s wearing a Mr Incredible suit – muscles and all – and is jostling for position against his younger brother.

The guy tells his younger sibling:

Excuse me this is not even for you. I’m trying to get a good seat!

Which was followed by my favourite roast of all:

You weren’t even born when the first one came out.

The screenings for the latest instalment are undoubtedly going to be filled with excited Incredibles enthusiasts, everyone from adults, to young children

But after 14 years of waiting, it’s only to be expected.

As for sibling rivalries, I bet there’s some fierce competition to be had between the kids in the Incredibles.

Incredibles 2 will be released in the UK on July 13.

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