Girl Who Disappeared Five Years Ago Found In Mysterious Circumstances


After being classed as a ‘Missing Person’ for five years, a North Carolina teenager has turned up alive and well, but as a completely different person. 

The then-teen, Rachel Natacha Owens, who was 15 when she disappeared in 2011, has now been found in Columbus, Ohio, but this time with a different identity, according to the Daily Mail.


Authorities said the girl, ‘left and remained away on her own will’ and astonishingly went to ‘great lengths to intentionally conceal her whereabouts’.

The now 21-year-old, who originally left with dark hair and no glasses, has created a new identity for herself complete with a new date of birth, blonde hairstyle and glasses.


The last time Owens was seen she was getting off her school bus at South Brunswick High School, Boiling Spring Lakes, North Carolina and then getting into another car in the carpark.

The girl had reportedly run away before, but not for long, but after that last bit of footage, she hasn’t been seen again until now.

The FBI said Owens had written a story before she left, expressing her hopes to go to Mexico and friends reported they believed she had crossed the border.

However, in 2014 they received a new lead, that the run-away might actually be living in Ohio.


They finally found her last week and deemed there was no ‘foul play’ with ‘no charges’ to be brought forward.

The FBI have informed Owens’ family about their discovery and advised they can now ‘move on with rebuilding their relationship.’ 

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, congratulated the FBI for their find and for everyone involved, for their tireless hard work over the years, in tracking down the lost teenager.

They said:

Sheriff [John] Ingram and the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office are extremely grateful to all of those who submitted tips and leads to detectives that ultimately led to finding Rachel.

Here’s the full CCTV footage of when she was last seen five years ago:

 Why she ran away has never been explained, which is extremely bizarre, but at least everyone can sleep easy now she’s been found.