Girl’s Birthday Ruined After Dad Accidentally Invites Over A Million People


Dads can do some pretty awkward and embarrassing things, but ruining a landmark birthday by sending viral invitations is definitely up there with the worst.

This Mexican teen looked completely gutted as she stood all dressed up in her birthday garb, surrounded by thousands of people on her Boxing day birthday.

Rubi Ibarra Garcia was all set to celebrate her quinceancera – 15th birthday party – when her dad decided to send out a mass invitation, according to the Daily Mail.

Her parents posted the awkward video online, only for it to go instantly viral, with over a million people confirming their attendance…

Unfortunately for Rubi and her family, the party was taking place in the tiny village of La Joya in San Luis Potosi State, Mexico.

This meant that thousands of people rocked up to celebrate with her, but in doing so, completely overwhelmed the party.

Photos show the unlucky teen, surrounded by thousands of party-goers and mobbed by media as she tied to push her way through the crowds to mass.

Poor Rubi and her family looked close to tears as the crowds descended upon them, after they forgot to set their online invitation to private – an easy mistake, but with terrible consequences…

Rubi posted online:

To all who have arrived I ask you please do not despair because we are really many people and we are just seeing how to speed things up.

I just ask for your patience so that we can all enjoy this party that was made for all of you.


The family were furious – as I guess you would be – with the media and the guests who had taken advantage of their birthday bash.

They said they were ‘annoyed with the media and with the people who do not respect the rules that they had established.’


The family assembled for the video, with Rubi dressed up in a tiara for the occasion while her dad addresses the future guests.

He said:

Hello, how are you doing? We invite you on December 26 to our daughter’s Rubi Ibarra Garcia’s quinceañera party.

On top of the open invitation, he listed the bands that were playing at their party, which catalysed the creation of more than 50 fake Facebook invitations.


Realising the horrific extent of what was happening and the amount of potential invitees that were about to descend on the family’s plans, Rubi’s dad desperately tried to contact the creators to persuade them to take them down.

This clearly did not work as record numbers of people flocked to celebrate in style with the young girl…

An extremely unfortunate situation, hopefully they had enough cake…