Girl’s World Falls Apart When She Follows Boyfriend On Tracking App

Girl who was cheated on by her cousinMilli Hansen/Facebook

This is not only a story of cheating, but of incest too.

Stan Stockton-Price worked offshore and set up a GPS device connected to his girlfriend Milli Hansen’s phone so she could pinpoint where he was out at sea.

It’s a pretty romantic thought, but ended up opening the window to his cheating and incestuous ways as Milli saw him having a secret meet up with his cousin Jess Gifford.

24-year-old Stan forgot to turn off his GPS while Milli was looking after his little sister so that him and his mum could go to a family party.

Milli then got concerned when Stan’s mum messaged her saying he hadn’t turned up to the family gathering, so she checked the GPS and located him at his aunt’s house.

After following it to the house, she peered through the window to see Stan’s clothes everywhere and his topless cousin on top of him, MailOnline reports.

Girl who was cheated onMilli Hansen/Facebook

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Milli said:

I’ll never trust a man again after what he did. I was so shocked – no one ever expects to see that.

I looked through the window and all I could see was Stan’s clothes strewn all over the floor.

Then I caught the sight of Jess topless – with Stan beneath her.

Their faces were a picture when I showed up at the door but I felt sick.

After all this, I really don’t think I could put my trust to any guy again

Stan and Milli, from Grimsby, had been together for two years after meeting at a party through mutual friends.

The pair quickly became very close and Stan set up the tracking device on her phone so that they could feel closer when he was working on wind turbines in the North Sea.

On the day of the party, Stan decided to stay at home with Milli so they could babysit together, but Mlili noted that as the day went on, Stan ‘looked like he really wanted to go’ and a few hours later left for the party.

Milli was a little suspicious when he left for the party in scruffy jeans and a t-shirt while the rest of his family dressed up for the occasion.

Girl who was cheated onMilli Hansen/Facebook

This is reminiscent of when an enraged wife attacked her husband’s mistress at a check-in desk queue at a Colombian airport.

The secret lovers had been attempting to slink away on a trip together, but were caught out by this furious wife and the whole sorry episode was captured on camera.

In the footage, the wife can be seen seizing her husband’s fancy woman by her long, brown hair, roughly wrenching her from the check-in queue.

The disloyal husband is seen trying to rescue his ladylove from his wife’s livid grasp, but to no avail. She showed an alarming strength as she kept a firm grip on the hair.

According to the Sunday Mirror, Stan responded, saying ‘Of course I feel bad, but I can’t change what’s gone on. One thing led to another and things just escalated’.

Jess added that a ‘natural feeling came over both Stanley and I and we simply acted upon them’.

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