Glasgow Teen Spontaneously Runs Her First-Ever Marathon To Prove She Can Overcome Negativity

by : Emily Brown on : 21 May 2020 10:55
Teen Spontaneously Runs Her First Ever Marathon To Prove She Can Overcome NegativityJam Press

A Scottish teen who set out to run 10 kilometres ended up completing her first-ever marathon by believing in herself and ‘blocking out negativity’. 

Morgan Hay, from Glasgow, is used to getting up early and starting her day with a run. The 17-year-old is currently in her final year at school, but is isolating with her family as lockdown rules are still in place.


Last Wednesday, May 13, Morgan set out on a 10K with the hopes of achieving a new personal best, but about four kilometres in she decided to try and push herself further than she ever had before.

Teen smiling after completing spontaneous marathonJam Press

A marathon measures 26.2 miles, or 42.195 kilometers, and despite it being more than four times the length of her intended run, Morgan said to herself: ‘I’m going to do a marathon today.’

Given the fact that her decision was so spontaneous, Morgan hadn’t prepared herself to run as far as she did. She’d had her usual breakfast of porridge and a banana, and didn’t even warm up before leaving the house.


The 17-year-old is already very fit due to regular exercise and playing football, and her healthy lifestyle helped her complete the first half of the marathon without stopping at all, something Morgan acknowledged ‘was an achievement in itself’.

Teen drinking water while running a spontaneous marathonJam Press

However, when Morgan did decide to take a break, she ‘felt like [her] legs were giving up’.

She continued:


I hadn’t trained for it at all, I was really feeling the pain.

The 17-year-old remembers thinking there was ‘no way [she] could physically do this’, but when she started to lag her ‘mental attitude took over’ and she managed to talk herself into carrying on, knowing ‘nothing’ was going to stop her except herself.

Morgan playing footballJam Press

Discussing how she kept herself from giving up, Morgan said:


I mentally had the determination, I think that’s how I pushed through to the end! I just have crazy motivational levels and thought why wait, why not just do it.

I really feel that if you believe in yourself you can do anything you want to in life, having the right attitude is everything just block out negativity and also think positive!

Teen emotional after completing spontaneous marathonJam Press

Morgan was overcome with emotion after successfully running 42.20k, and she shared pictures of herself on Twitter to commemorate her success. She explained a marathon was ‘on her bucket list’ and admitted she’d ‘never thought’ she would manage to complete one so soon.


The run took Morgan a total of four hours and 42 minutes, and afterwards her body felt ‘drained’ and her legs could ‘barely carry [her] any longer’.

Morgan received a wealth of praise for her incredible achievement and she encouraged anyone who feels capable to run a marathon themselves to banish pessimism and go for it.

Teen's apple watch displaying figures after she runs spontaneous marathonJam Press

She commented:

I did cry quite a bit but only because I was proud and then the reaction I had from my friends and family was incredible, everyone was telling me how proud they are of me. I kept telling myself I’ve done a marathon and would just smile like I couldn’t believe I done it!

My family were amazed and so happy for me because I hadn’t told anyone I was going to do it, most people were surprised but they all know I’m a fitness freak anyway.

My advice to anyone who has thoughts about running a marathon is, if you feel capable of doing it then go for it, I mean prepare better than I did of course but anyone can do it, you just have to believe!

Teen wiping away tears after completing spontaneous marathonJam Press

Hopefully Morgan had a well-deserved day – or week – off from exercise after completing the marathon, though with her determination levels I’m sure she’ll be back achieving new things in no time.


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