GoFundMe Investigating Gorilla Glue Girl Tessica Brown’s Fundraiser

by : Saman Javed on : 18 Feb 2021 14:14
GoFundMe Investigating Gorilla Glue Girl Tessica Brown's Fundraiserim_d_ollady/TikTok/GoFundMe

GoFundMe is investigating Tessica Brown’s fundraiser after members of the public reported it as being ‘fraudulent’.

Brown went viral in recent weeks after she spontaneously used an industrial-strength adhesive, Gorilla Glue, in place of hairspray.


Over the course of a month, she washed her hair more than 14 times and visited the hospital; however, the glue would not budge. Eventually, a plastic surgeon from Los Angeles, Michael Obeng saw her story and offered to treat her free of charge.


Last week, Brown was seen crying tears of joy after a successful procedure removed the glue from her scalp.

During the ordeal, Brown had set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for treatment. While it had a modest goal of $1,500, her story captured the attention of thousands, who have now donated more than $23,000 to her fundraiser.


This week, Brown announced she would be donating $20,000 of what she raised to the Restore Foundation, a charity founded by Obeng that helps those who need reconstructive surgery.

However, when she attempted to withdraw the funds, she realised GoFundMe had blocked the function because her fundraiser is under investigation after some users reported it as being fraudulent.

'Gorilla Glue Girl' Sends Cease And Desist To Blogger Accusing Her Of Lying@Im_D_Ollady/Instagram

‘They won’t even release it to me because that many people have called and said it was a fraudulent account. Every time you look at it, it says it’s under investigation,’ Brown told The Washington Post.


Many social media users have accused Brown of putting the glue in her hair as a fame-hungry stunt, a claim Brown vehemently denies.

‘No matter what I do, it’s a problem,’ Brown said, explaining now the glue is out of her hair, she wants to give all the money she raised back in a meaningful way.

The 40-year-old said that aside from giving the majority to Obeng’s foundation, she wanted to give the rest of the cash to three families from her local church, St Bernard Parish.


GoFundMe Has Finally Released Gorilla Glue Girl Tessica Brown’s Money

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Speaking on the possibility that her fundraiser may be shut down, she said:

That’s going to be pretty upsetting because who are y’all to say, you know, this was a fraudulent account? For one, Dr. Obeng brought me from St. Bernard Parish to Hollywood, like I seen the sign, to take this out of my head, like this man didn’t have to do any of this. I can show my appreciation for his foundation and also I can help the next person.

Obeng carried out treatment on Brown’s scalp free of charge, a procedure which would typically have cost more than $12,000.

A spokesperson for GoFundMe told New York Post that they are in touch with Brown and working with her on the withdrawal of the funds.


‘Prior to the withdrawal, she must clearly state on the campaign page how she intends to use the funds,’ GoFundMe said.

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