Grandad Shows Up Two Months After Own Funeral Following Massive Bender


In truly bizarre news, a family were stunned when their grandfather was found by police – months after he was supposedly cremated.

It turns out that 74-year-old grandad, Miguel Angel Gomar De Luna, rather than being dead, had escaped his nursing home and gone on a months long drinking spree, sleeping rough and begging for money to buy booze.

According to The Mirror, after months of searching for him throughout the harsh Mexican winter, police called the family to say they’d found a badly decomposed body matching his description.

His daughter, Lucero Gomar Ramos, couldn’t confirm the corpse was that of her dad as it was in such a bad state, but she was told that if she failed to identify him they would not release the body to the family.

Lucero was pretty much forced to sign the papers and days later ‘Miguel’s body’ was cremated and the ashes returned to his family.

But then, months later, out of the blue, the family got another call saying Miguel had now been found alive.

He was returned home, drunk, with bandages around his head from god knows what he’d been up to during his epic bender.


A video of the bizarre reunion in Chihuahua, Mexico, shows Miguel slurring his words and saying: 

They thought I was dead, but I just walk and walk.

Honestly, that’s not all you did though was it Miguel?

As yet, it’s not clear who the body mistaken for Miguel was and now the family face a battle to gain back their relative’s identity, with him having already been declared legally dead.

Cheers grandad!