Grandad’s Wholesome Response To Teen’s Driving Fears Has The Internet Crying

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Grandad's Wholesome Response To Teen's Driving Fears Has The Internet Crying@kaymc_5/TikTok

Stories of endearing, kind and thoughtful grandparents aren’t too hard to come across thanks to social media, but a video showing the actions of one loving grandad might have topped them all. 

At 18 years old, TikTok user Kay, from Scotland, won’t have been driving for very long, and during a visit to see her grandfather one day she told him she didn’t like the junction she had to drive out of while leaving.


It seems the road Kay has to turn on is relatively busy, so her grandfather came up with a solution to help her be more confident when it comes to pulling out into the road.

Check it out below:


In her video, Kay explained that despite having only once mentioned that she didn’t like the junction, her ‘papa’ now stands across the road every time she leaves in order to tell her when it’s safe to go.


The wholesome footage showed her grandad stood on the far side of the busy road, watching the traffic pass both ways before finally encouraging Kay to pull forwards and giving her a wave as she drove off.

It’s unclear whether the video is filmed by a passenger or by Kay herself, but it goes without saying that no matter how helpful your family members may be, you should not operate a phone while driving.

TikToker's Grandad watching for traffic (@kaymc_5/TikTok)@kaymc_5/TikTok

Considering she was already nervous about the junction, hopefully Kay will have been giving it her full attention while someone else caught her grandad in action.


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After Kay shared the video to TikTok, users were quick to praise her grandfather and comment on what a good man he seemed to be, with many saying they were left ‘crying’ by the scene.

One comment described him as a ‘beautiful human,’ adding that Kay should ‘absolutely treasure him,’ while another wrote: ‘Brb just crying myself to sleep.’

Grandad waving off granddaughter (@kaymc_5/TikTok)@kaymc_5/TikTok

A third TikToker wrote: ‘I didn’t really want to cry today.’


Kay, who uses the handle @kaymc_5 on the platform, described her grandad’s thoughtful farewell as her ‘favourite part about going to visit,’ and evidently the video quickly became a favourite of TikTokers, too, as it racked up almost 160,000 views and more than 22,000 likes in less than 24 hours.

It’s unclear whether the grandad knows quite how much of an impact his actions have had, but I’m sure all that matters to him is that his granddaughter is kept safe.

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