Grandma Accidentally Eats Grandson’s Cannabis Edibles

Grandma eats son's cannabis ediblesLink Up TV/Facebook

A grandmother got more than she bargained for when she helped herself to a snack as it turned out to be one of her grandson’s cannabis edibles. 

Any other member of the family might have been outraged to discover they’d accidentally got high as a result of their grandson but this particular woman decided to go with flow and enjoy the experience.

Of course, she might have scolded her grandson afterwards but by that point he already had evidence of how much fun she’d had.

Check out the video here:

The video has the simple caption ‘my grandma ate my edibles I’m crying’, so, while brilliant, the footage leaves us with a lot of questions.

It’s not clear exactly what kind of food the weed had been mixed in to – if the grandson had been doing some home cooking and come up with brownies or cookies I wouldn’t blame his grandmother for sneaking a bite for herself, oblivious to the ingredients inside.

Alternatively, she might have stumbled across a cannabis gummy and mistaken it with some sort of multi-vitamin. There’s a whole menu of edibles available – according to Lifehacker, that is. I can’t say I’m particularly clued up on the more obscure ones, like beef jerky.


The point is, presumably the grandma thought the food was drug-free. As it started to work its magic the older woman was filmed attempting to get her hands on a glass of water and, when she eventually managed to lift it from the cup holder, she grasped it like a toddler with a beaker and started swaying back and forth and singing.

WorldStarHipHop shared the video yesterday (August 13) though there’s no information about where it was filmed, so it’s unclear whether the family involved live somewhere cannabis is legal. If that’s the case the grandmother might have known her grandson had it in the house but had simply been naive to his edible supply.

However, he should probably keep the products in a safe place to ensure the grandmother doesn’t go on any unexpected ‘trips’ again in the future.

Grandma accidentally eats grandson's cannabisediblesLink Up TV/Facebook

Since they shared yesterday, the video has racked up 320,826 views and hundreds of comments from bemused social media users.

Some have doubted the legitimacy of the video, with one person arguing ‘you can taste the cannabis in [edibles]’, but it’s possible the grandmother just thought her son was no Gordon Ramsay.

We might never know the true series of events surrounding the video but at least the grandma seemed to enjoy herself!

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