Grandma Falls Flat on Her Face After Catching Snake

grandma with snakeViralHog

Grandma’s are great, aren’t they? Usually hard as nails, take-no-crap kind of ladies, in their own way. Even if they look like little old ladies, they’re usually sharp witted and hilarious.

Take this grandma for example, going head to head with a pesky snake that won’t leave her yard.

Armed with nothing more than a stick and strong will, the grandma is obviously determined to protect her family from the slithering serpent.

Although it goes pretty well for the most part, the final stage of the snake capture goes a little awry for poor old granny.

Check it out:

Of course, this wouldn’t have happened if grandma wasn’t the only one in the family with the guts to catch a snake. No doubt she’s done enough in her life to mean one of her children or grandchildren might protect her from such an animal?

Then again, being the proud matriarch of a family means sometimes you’ve got to get your hands dirty, and take out the trash.

Grandmas are also known for being kind, gentle people. Unfortunately, this was this grandma’s literal downfall, as – wanting to release the snake rather than get rid of it completely – she couldn’t quite stay on her feet.

As one grandma becomes snake catcher for a day, a woman whose job it was to be a real life snake catcher had to separate two fighting males after they burst through a family’s ceiling.

In a move reminiscent of Bruce Willis’ John McClane in Die Hard, the pair of adult male pythons fell from a ceiling duct into the family’s spare bedroom. Disappointingly, one of them was not wearing a white vest, and the other did not have a slight German accent and a goatee.

The snake catcher, who in this scenario is the equivalent of the Twinkie-eating LAPD cop, Al Powell, filmed the fight between the pythons before breaking the guys up.

Lana Field, from Snake Catchers Brisbane, states in the video:

This pair have been a bit naughty – they have pushed their way through from the ceiling and left a bit of a mess.

Lana added the snakes, who were around 5.7 feet long, were ‘small’ for the area, which is a bit scary – if these ‘small’ snakes can break through walls what damage can the big ones do?!

Check it out:

The pythons were fighting over a girl, natch. Lana explained the males track the scent of female pythons and often battle it out to prove who’s stronger and ultimately, more worthy of the female’s attention.

Lana added these fights ‘can continue like this for hours until one is exhausted.’

After filming the duel, Lana caught the pythons and safely relocated them, presumably to continue their clash, in a bushy creek over a mile away from the family’s house.

However, the location of the female remains unknown. She probably got bored with the insufferable display of masculinity and slithered off.

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