Grandma Out Downing Shots And Partying With College Girls At Spring Break


I’m British so all of my ideas about Spring Break come from the terrible teen movies of the early 2000s – but this grandma is now living my crazed fantasies.

In England Spring Break is called the Easter Holidays and it involves sitting in a bus stop in an ill-fitting tracksuit and wishing you had a moustache so you can buy a 3 litre bottle of cider from Spar shop.

From my ‘research’ I understand the American tradition of Spring Break to be girls in swimsuits going wild while bronzed blokes in backwards caps shout “woooooah” and “chug, chug, chug”.


If you tried this in England you’d be arrested, laughed at and rained upon.

But America is the land of opportunity where anyone can drink shots with swimsuit girls provided they have the right attitude and work their ass off.

A grandmother called Doreen Grett has discovered this while holidaying in Mexico and joining some partying girls in the blazing sunshine:

Doreen is pure goals.

Her granddaughter tweeted pictures of Doreen with her unexpected drinking partners and she’s become a total internet hero.

Apparently Doreen is getting lots of new friend requests, presumably from people who want to party with her:

Doreen: College inSan Diego!
Granddaughter: How fun!! Haha
Doreen: It was!
Granddaughter: Grandma! You’re famous.
Doreen: OMG.
Granddaughter: Grandma I literally have reporters from BuzzFeed asking if you wanted to do story about this video and picture. Is your Facebook getting crazy?
Doreen: No Just lots of friend requests!
Granddaughter: Oh my goodness
I’m glad you have a great sense of humour
I love you
Doreen: Thank you love you back!

Doreen certainly does seem like she has a great sense of humour and certainly seems like she was having a really good time.

The college drinking partners also seem very taken with Doreen and her pool-side antics:

This is really making me want to go on holiday.

Thanks to Doreen for reminding us that age is just a number and that you’re never too old to have fun.