Grandma Trumps Grandkids’ Airport Surprise By Dressing Up As T-Rex

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Grandma surprises grandkids by dressing as dinosaur to greet them at airportTabitha Cooper/Facebook

Two young boys who dressed up as dinosaurs to surprise their grandmother at the airport were shocked to see her approaching in a T-Rex costume of her own. 

Owen, 7, and Ethan, 6, were giddy with excitement after hatching a plan to surprise their grandma, Cheryl, who was set to arrive at Victoria International Airport in Canada last Summer.


The two boys had decided to don dinosaur costumes to greet their grandmother, and a video shows them waiting excitedly at the airport arrivals door. As it turned out, however, Owen and Ethan weren’t the only dinosaurs at the airport that day.

Take a look at what happened below:


The two boys were completely shocked to see another dinosaur tottering towards them; a sight that resulted in laughs from the observing crowd at the airport.


Though their own surprise had been well and truly blown out of the water, the boys were over the moon to be reunited with their fellow dinosaur.

Grandkids surprise grandma by dressing up as dinosaurs at airportTabitha Cooper/Facebook

The brothers’ mum, Tabitha, told UNILAD the costume-wearing had originally been started by Grandma Cheryl, who first came up with the idea to dress as a dinosaur when Owen and Ethan went to visit her in 2018.

Tabitha explained:


In 2018 we flew to Toronto International Airport for a two week visit. The boys had recently watched Jurassic World and were obsessed with dinosaurs at the time.

My mother thought it would be a great welcome to land and have a T-Rex pick them up.

Grandma surprises grandkids by dressing as dinosaur to greet them at airportTabitha Cooper/Facebook

The Jurassic-style welcome went down a treat with the two boys, so they decided to recreate it for their grandmother last summer, in order to give Cheryl a ‘taste of her own medicine’.

Of course, the grandmother was one step ahead and had come prepared with her own dinosaur costume.


Tabitha, who was in on the grandmother’s plan, continued:

Revenge for them failed, but it made for a great greeting.

Grandma hugs grandkids after surprising them in dinosaur costumeTabitha Cooper/Facebook

The amused mum shared the video of the three dinosaurs greeting each other on Facebook, where it received thousands of likes, comments and shares from viewers.


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The family continue to put the costumes to good use, with the mother explaining they’ve taken the dinosaurs out to play in the streets, as well as on bouncy castles.

Hopefully the two boys will continue to greet their grandmother in costume; it would certainly make for an entertaining tradition!

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