Grandparents Are Invaluable When It Comes To Learning

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For all their good advice over the years – not to mention the array of food we’re given – Grandparents are getting something back in the form of learning.


How to use on-demand TV, being ‘green’ and understanding hashtags are all things our parents’ parents are getting to grips with – thanks to their grandchildren, it’s emerged.

Researchers, who carried out a detailed study, found the dawn of the technological age is reversing the old tradition of grans and granddads passing advice down to their grandkids.

Among other tasks and ‘skills’ which savvy senior citizens are picking up thanks to a younger generation, are downloading or streaming music, using emojis (please don’t say they know what the aubergine is) and even learning how to nail Fortnite’s ‘Floss’ dance. WOW!


Apparently, being able to name all the recent Disney Princesses, knowing common slang terms such as YOLO, along with how to have new adventures and see the world through innocent eyes also feature highly on the list.

I’m not really sure what’s defined as innocent, but hey, each to their own!

The study also found how in return, older family members are helping youngsters learn to plant seeds, to respect older people, how to be a good person and how important it is to try new things.

The Lion KingThe Lion KingWalt Disney

Disney On Ice commissioned the study to mark the launch of their ‘Very Important Grandparents’ search across the UK.

Spokesperson Claire Ballard said:

The relationship between a grandparent and their grandchild is a special one.

As parents rely on their parents more than ever to help with childcare, children are spending more time with their grandparents which means they are teaching each other a host of new things.

Former, The Only Way Is Essex star, Billie Faiers, her four-year-old daughter Nelly, and mum Sue Wells have joined Disney in their hunt for outstanding grans and grandads.


Billie said:

Since having children, I’ve realised how invaluable grandparents are and we should definitely celebrate them.

I still remember all the things my grandparents taught me. Nelly loves doing all kinds of activities with my mum such as baking cakes or learning to ice skate and I know Nelly keeps mum on her toes too, it’s amazing to watch their relationship together.

That’s why it’s even more magical to work with my mum to launch VIGP Disney On Ice competition and what better prize the ultimate trip to the show in London.

The study found 76 per cent of grandparents are learning from their grandchildren and are becoming more tech savvy as a result. They’re learning how to use smartphones, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as the names of the hottest current YouTubers.

It also emerged 79 per cent of older Brits who took part said they felt spending time with their grandchildren helped keep them young.

One in three went as far as to claim they’d passed on far more useful knowledge to their grandchildren than they’d received.

Office workers are spending 1,700 hours a year behind computer screensOffice workers are spending 1,700 hours a year behind computer screensDeposit Photos

With parents working more than ever, typically, grandparents are getting to enjoy up to ten hours every week with their grandchildren.

Babysitting, having them over for tea or dinner and doing the school run are the most popular ways they’re involved in the lives of younger children.

One in five even said they regularly get to take their grandkids away on holiday without mum and dad.


Taking them to family shows and looking after them when they are poorly also made the list.

woman with suitcasewoman with suitcasePexels

It also emerged 67 per cent of grandparents believe they spend more time with their grandkids than they themselves enjoyed with their gran and grandad when they were younger.

How to cook and bake, understanding card games, and how to be brave all made the list of things grandchildren have learned from their grandparents

The campaign marks the launch of its new show, Disney On Ice presents Dream Big, which is the first time Moana will appear live in the UK.


Children are being invited to enter by sharing something they’ve learnt from their grandparent or grandparent figures on the Disney On Ice Facebook page.

Claire Ballard added:

Grandparents really are the heroes in many families much like Gramma Tala is in the story of Moana and with this being the first time the story is appearing Disney On Ice in the UK we want to celebrate them to show how loved and appreciated they are with the VIGP competition.

So, if you’re desperate to know what the top 20 things grandparents learn from grandchildren are, then have a look at the list below:

1.How to see the world through innocent eyes

2. The words to Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’

3. General young people’s slang

4. The names of the Disney Princesses

5. The names of the different superheroes

6. How to do the ‘Floss’ dance

7. How to play video and computer games

8. Current family gossip

9. How to use emojis

10. How to use a smartphone

11. How to watch on demand and catch up TV

12. How to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

13. Who the latest Youtuber is

14. How to have a new adventure

15. How to respect and look after the planet

16. How to set up a Wi-Fi network

17. How to try new things without fear

18. What a hashtag is

19. How to download or stream music

20. What YOLO means

Grandparents BushGrandparents BushWikimedia Commons

Meanwhile, the top 20 things grandchildren learn from grandparents, are:

1. Good manners

2. How to bake or cook

3. About your family history

4.How to play card games

5. How to plant a seed

6. How to respect elders

7. How to be a good person

8. To try new things

9. Old fashioned jokes

10. Arts and crafts

11. History

12. To never give up

13. To be brave

14. To respect the planet

15. How to sew

16. How to have a new adventure

17. How to ride a bike

18. Maths

19. How to swim

20. Geography

Never take your grandparents for granted!

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