Greggs Customer Furious After Worker’s Joke About How Often She’s At The Bakery

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Greggs customer felt worker was making fun of her for coming in a lotWikimedia Commons/Kennedy News and Medai

A ‘regular’ Greggs customer was left furious when one of the staff members joked about how often she came in to the bakery. 

There’s probably thousands of people across the UK who visit the shop every single lunchtime to treat themselves to a sausage roll, a custard slice or a freshly made sandwich.


Considering there’s a Greggs on every corner, their prices are cheap and their pastries are delicious, it’s a perfectly good choice when it comes to filling your belly.

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Despite this, one staff member at a Greggs branch in Hampshire decided to draw attention to 21-year-old Kathy Readon for her frequent visits in an experience which Kathy described as her ‘worst fear’.

The 21-year-old went in to the shop, located just up the road from where she works, to buy a slice of pizza the other day, as she often does.


As she placed her order, the worker commented:

You’re in here every day, you’re going to get sick of this eventually.

Greggs customer felt worker was making fun of her for coming in a lotKennedy News and Media

Though Kathy admitted he was probably just trying to be ‘banterous’ [sic], she felt the comment came across as though he was ‘picking on’ her.


The 21-year-old explained:

Literally all that happened was I went in – I am a regular there, I work down the road and have been doing so for a year.

I’m very anxious, I don’t really talk to people. But I went in, I ordered what I normally order and I think he was trying to be banterous [sic] with me but it did not come off that way.

He essentially just made fun of me for ordering pizza and it kind of felt like he was making fun of unhealthy habits.

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Kathy described how the worker made the comments when there were other people in the store and although she told him he was making her feel ‘very anxious’ he ignored her complaints and argued with her.


She added:

I wish I had the income that would allow me to be at Greggs every single day but I don’t.

He carried on speaking to me in the same manner, saying the same things. I have lots of mental health things so I fear public interaction on a daily basis. I’m always worried that something like that is going to happen. I invent it in my head.

But then it did happen in real life and it was like my worst fears happening all at once.

Greggs customer felt worker was making fun of her for coming in a lotKennedy News and Media

Following the unfortunate experience, the 21-year-old took to Facebook to write a message to Greggs in which she named and shamed the worker, explaining he had given her a ‘dress down for being a regular’ and as a result she might never visit the store again.


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The company has since apologised for the worker’s actions and they attempted to make it up to Kathy by sending her a £6 Greggs voucher to allow her to get whatever she wanted from the shop.

She commented:

Greggs have said they’re very sorry and that this is not the behaviour they expect.

They said that they’re going to let their area manager know and things are going to be done and apparently I will notice improvements, which is nice. To be honest, I’m quite happy with Greggs’ response.

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Some social media users responded to Kathy’s post saying she was ‘overreacting’, and the customer has since admitted she may have blown things out of proportion.

Kathy has now deleted her Facebook post but hopefully Greggs will follow through with their response and she’ll be able to enjoy her pizza in peace.

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