Groom Almost Marries Wrong Bride After Sat Nav Sends Him To Wrong Church

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Groom Almost Marries Wrong Bride After Sat Nav Sends Him To Wrong Churchborobudurnews/Instagram

I think we all know that when it comes to weddings, there’s a number of things that can go wrong.

A family member could end up getting too drunk and kicking off, something could go wrong with the catering, or my worst fear of all – your partner could change their mind!


But I don’t suppose any future husbands or wives have ever considered the fact that they could end up accidentally turning up at the wrong wedding – or marrying the wrong person, for that matter.

Well, as bizarre as it sounds, that’s exactly what almost happened to an Indonesian man who ended up at the wrong wedding thanks to a Satnav failure. Technology, eh?


The couple had used the location-sharing feature on Google Maps to ensure both parties ended up at the ceremony, however the bride claims she definitely gave the right address, so it’s only Google to blame, The Philippine Star reports.


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But not only did the groom and his party turn up at the wrong venue in Magelang, in the Indonesian province of Central Java, they even chatted with the wrong bride’s family before exchanging gifts and then taking their seats, only to realise as the ceremony began that the bride was a complete stranger.

A video has since gone viral of the moment the groom and his party had to leave the ceremony after realising what a grave mistake they had made. Dear, oh dear.

Luckily the groom eventually made it to the right venue, and fortunately for him the bride still agreed to say ‘I do!’


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The Philippine Star
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    Groom almost marries wrong bride after GPS sends him to different address