Groom Gets Revenge On Unfaithful Bride By Showing Video Of Her Cheating


A groom has taken revenge on his cheating partner by playing a video of her cheating at their wedding.

The man began the video with footage of the couple’s happy times together over the years, but that wasn’t all that was showed in the clip.

The guests of the wedding, which took place in Singapore, actually saw the happy montage of the couple’s relationship shift suddenly into damning video footage of the bride entering a hotel room with another man.

In the tape, the couple were reportedly behaving ‘intimately’, according to local media reports.


The groom then apparently told the woman to go to Hell before leaving the wedding.

At this stage, it’s not known whether the nuptials had been completed when the revelations were made to the room of shocked wedding guests.

Apparently, the man had hired a private investigator a few weeks before the happy day, after his suspicions of infidelity were aroused.

The investigator who he enlisted for her services, Ms Zhou from Ajax Investigation And Security Services, spoke to local media about the case.


Ms Zhou, 42, said she had expected that the groom would’ve called off the engagement after seeing the footage of his partner entering the hotel room with another man.

So when she received an invitation to the wedding, she was quite shocked.

Ms Zhou apparently spent around six weeks monitoring the fiancee before sending her reports back to the groom-to-be.

She said that it was only at the moment the clip of the two unnamed people entering the hotel room began playing that she understood the groom’s intention.


The names of the not-so-happy couple have not been revealed.

Both the groom and the bride are thought to have been business people.

Happiest day of their lives.