Groom’s Mum Attempted To Poison Bride With Cake, Wedding Planner Claims

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Groom's Mum Attempted To Poison Bride With Cake, Wedding Planner Claims@_cal_cifer/TikTok/Al Elmes/Unsplash

As a parent, it must be hard to watch your child start a family of their own on their wedding day, but for the most part it’s a happy occasion marking the beginning of a whole new life for the happy couple. 

Unless possible sabotage leads the wife to be poisoned, that is. Okay, while this might sound like the plot to an old fairy tale, it could also potentially be something that happened in real life, according to wedding planner and TikToker Callie.


In a video posted online last month, captioned ‘Mistake or Sabotage’, Callie explained how she was working at a wedding where everything started off ‘completely normal’ until she noticed a pastry shop delivery arriving, despite the wedding cake having already been dropped off.

TikToker describes near-poisoning at wedding (@_cal_cifer/TikTok)@_cal_cifer/TikTok

The delivery was not something Callie had listed on her paperwork, but the mother of the groom soon cleared things up by explaining she’d ordered extra cupcakes to ensure everyone had enough dessert. After the bride and groom had cut their wedding cake, the groom’s mother is said to have encouraged the bride to try one of the cupcakes.

Obligingly, the bride raised one of the cakes to her mouth only to have her new husband stop her and shout at his mum to say his bride was allergic to coconut – a fact the mother is said to have known when she ordered the coconut-flavoured cupcakes.


Check out the beginning of the story below:

Callie described the bride as ‘severely, deathly allergic’ to coconut, and after having realised she could have had a bad reaction on her wedding day, she is said to have looked ‘horrified and scared’.


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The mother of the groom, however, apparently looked like ‘she could not have less of a care in the world’ despite having nearly ‘poisoned’ her daughter-in-law, according to Callie.

Naturally, the groom was not happy about his new wife having been put at such risk and threw the cupcake to the ground before ‘screaming’ at his mum, saying: ‘You are a terrible person, you have never been supportive of this relationship, this is a new low even for you, you could have sent her to the hospital, she literally could have gone into anaphylactic shock.’

See Callie’s second video here:


In spite of the chaos, the mum is said to have remained calm and looked at her son, saying: ‘Accidents happen every day dear’.

Callie described the mother, who apparently left the wedding after the near-poisoning, as ‘110% a sociopath’, with commenters agreeing that the story was particularly disturbing.

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