Groundbreaking New Recycling Tech Claims To Be Able To Recycle All Types Of Plastic

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 25 Mar 2021 18:09
Groundbreaking New Recycling Tech Claims To Be Able To Recycle All Types Of PlasticMura Technology

A groundbreaking recycling facility has been created that claims to be able to recycle all types of plastic.

Backed by David Attenborough, the innovative technology is hoped to reduce the 300 million tons of plastic waste produced each year.


The tech, which took 12 years to develop, was created by UK-based recycling firm Mura Technology.

The company has called the recycling process ‘HydroPRS’, which reverses plastic into its original materials of oils and chemicals by using supercritical steam – steam that’s heated to very high temperatures using pressure.

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The innovative technology is even able to separate organic elements from plastics such as food packaging.


The oils and chemicals can then be used for products such as new plastics and fuels.

Steve Mahon, CEO of Mura Technology, told Forbes:

Our process offers a viable recycling route for materials considered ‘unrecyclable’, that would otherwise be destined for landfill, incineration and the environment. HydroPRS can convert all plastic types back into their constituent ingredients, for re-use in the manufacture of new plastic materials.

Mahon went on the say that there’s no limit to amount of times plastic can be recycled using HydroPRS.


Twenty Companies Responsible For 55% Of All Plastic Waste

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Mura Technology is building a facility in Teesside, northeast England, with hopes of being able to offer their recycling services worldwide.

The British government have expressed its support for the unique tech, which Rebecca Pow, UK’s under-secretary of state for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, describes as ‘truly ground-breaking technologies’.

She added the government is ‘committed to both clamping down on the unacceptable plastic waste that harms our environment and ensuring more materials can be reused instead of being thrown away.’


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