Group Text App Turns Off Spellcheck, Reveals Spelling Woes Of Millennials


A group texting app switched off its spellcheck function for 72 hours to see how its millennial users would cope.

The answer was not well.

The San Francisco app ‘Blend’ then analysed data from 200,000 random users between the ages of 16 and 24 to discover what words millennials struggle with most.

According to Business Insider UK a few of the most frequently misspelled were ‘weird’, ‘Budweiser’ and ‘definitely.’


In fairness to many users, they were just sticking with the old English lesson adage of ‘I before E, except after C’.

Although once you start drinking alcohol you should definitely become accustomed to Budweiser’s weird spelling.

Other common errors included how to use double letters. ‘Vacuum’, ‘possession’, and ’embarrassing’ frequently had letters dropped. While ‘silicon’ acquired an extra ‘l’ on many occasions.

The stats suggested that it is men who misspell more often than women, and 19-21 year olds were the biggest spelling sinners.

Blend also reported that users in Brooklyn, Dallas, San Mateo, Calif., and Fort Worth, Texas, struggled the most without spellcheck.

Hang your head’s in shame guys, or buy a dictionary. Your call.