Guardians Of The Galaxy-Inspired Flower Man Steals The Show At Wedding


Guardians Of The Galaxy-Inspired Flower Man Steals The Show At WeddingMorgan Starr/TikTok

Millions of TikTok users have fallen in love with a wedding guest who made the most of his time as ‘flower man’ by donning a bumbag and strutting down the aisle in style. 

Bridesmaids, groomsmen and other accompanying members of wedding parties are often resigned to the idea that they’re simply a precursor to the bride and groom, but this particular attendee proved that doesn’t always have to be the case.


While those in charge of scattering flower petals down the aisle are often young children, the happy couple throwing this wedding decided to give the job to the fully-grown man seen in the video shared by TikToker Morgan Starr.

Check it out below:


The man in question didn’t necessarily have the adorable quality typically associated with flower girls or flower boys, but he made sure to bring his own unforgettable talents to the role, all the while soundtracked by the Redbone song Come And Get Your Love, which Marvel fans will recognise from Guardians of the Galaxy

With all the confidence of Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord, the flower man began his demonstration by unveiling a bumbag in which he kept his petals. He then unbuttoned his floral jacket to ensure nothing stood in the way of his flower-throwing abilities, before beginning to make his way down the aisle in a series of dramatic steps and purposeful scatterings.

The impressive performance earned a big laugh from the seated wedding guests, but the display gained even more attention after it was posted on TikTok, where it has since been viewed more than 30 million times.

Flower man scatters petals (Morgan Starr/TikTok)Morgan Starr/TikTok

Users praised the flower man for his commitment to the role, with one writing, ‘My mans got his assignment, read it, understood it, and went for the unwritten extra credit.’

Other TikTokers described the attendee as the ‘best flower man’ they’d ever seen, while another joked that he’d been ‘waiting his whole life for this very moment’.

As amazing as his time in the spotlight was, it did have to come to an end, and TikToker Morgan made clear that the bride and groom themselves did eventually get the attention they deserved, as she later shared a compilation of memorable moments from the big day.

While scattering flowers probably doesn’t take quite as much skill as attempting to safely protect an Infinity Stone, there’s no doubt that the flower man is a hero.


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