Guests Grab Bride’s Bare Breasts In Weirdest Wedding Tradition Ever


Of course everyone wants a honeymoon, but often after the extravagant wedding, there are few funds left to go gallivanting off to Bali with.

This bride, however, put her neck boobs on the line when she charged her wedding guests for grabbing her breasts to raise money for their holiday.

The strange wedding video, which was filmed in China, shows guests posing for photos with the topless bride, swapping money for a grope.

And what about the groom in this situation. He has to watch his new bride be groped by lots of other men, at their wedding.

One man gets more than he bargained for when he gets to do a little motorboat on the brides bare breasts… I hope he chipped in a bit more cash for that.


The strange custom is apparently common at weddings in China and other parts of Asia.

That honeymoon better be really worth it!