Guy Accidentally Had Two Dates With Two Best Friends, In One Night



One Redditor’s hunt for a “ladyfriend” ended in disaster when he managed to get two dates on the same day, unfortunately it was with two best friends.

It started when he began talking to “Stacy” and “Alice” through OKCupid.

He was chatting to Stacy and arranged to meet up for a coffee, however previous experience had taught the would be ladies-man that online daters can be “flaky” so it was best for him to keep his options open.


So while still talking to Stacy he set up a date with Alice. He presumed that Stacy was a bit reserved and timid so he couldn’t see the coffee date lasting more than an hour or two, so he chanced taking Alice out on the same day.

He thought everything was going “groovy”, but he was in for a shock.

A few days later he received this message from Stacy:

Oh my god this is too funny. You should che-

Confused about the text ending mid word he went to reply but then got a text from Alice saying:

-ck your phone

Our unlucky in love online dater had managed to pick two women who just so happened to be best friends. They’d met and told each other about their prospective dates when it dawned on the pair that they were talking to the same guy.

The last he heard  one girl was really fucking pissed off at him and the other one thought it was hilarious. Seems like the situation resolved itself.

Some Redditors had questions beyond did he have a threesome.
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The situation made some think musically.

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This question needs answering.
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