Guy Arranges Marriage Proposal For Friend On First Date

restaurant proposal prankedg1e/Twitter

Friends, hey? Who’d have ’em. No wonder this guy was on a date to construct extra societal structures of emotional support in his life with pals like these.

In a viral Twitter thread, the consequences of the most ingenious and brutal first date prank of 2019 so far were revealed, when a group of mates set up their pal Deano with a marriage proposal prank to a woman with whom he was on a first date.

It all started with a phone call to the restaurant:

The lead prankster, who goes by ‘Edgie’ on Twitter, shared a video proposing the plan which would lead the woman on the first date to believe his mate was a bit over-eager in the marriage department.

He ordered a plate adorned with writing in chocolate to the almost-strangers’ table which read: ‘Will you marry me?’

Here’s how it went down:

Of course, the woman, who remains unidentified, didn’t take it too well. Already on her phone, she can be seen looking around aghast when the plate arrives.

After all, it’s the question literally no one wants to hear (or read in place of actual pudding) on the first date, up there in undesirable topics of conversation alongside Brexit and genital herpes.

Deano was equally mortified:

As you can see by his eloquent use of three emojis in the gang’s WhatsApp group, Deano was both embarrassed an angry at the hands of his pals’ prank.

He dubbed it the ‘worst thing’ to happen on his date.

The Twitter Jury, on the other hand, disagreed with this judgement after observing the prank from their phone screens.

One said it was ‘fucking quality’ while another called the mates ‘savage’ and a thirds congratulated the ‘lads’ on a ‘brilliant’ prank with a simple ‘well done’ and some crying laughing emojis.

By the looks of the tag-a-mates after the Twitter thread, and all the guy groups saying ‘this has to be done’ to another unsuspecting dater, this won’t be the last time you see a prank of this match-making mastery.

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