Guy Asks Woman To Stop Speaking Spanish On Flight So Everyone Started Speaking Spanish

by : Emily Brown on : 19 Jul 2019 04:40
Man told woman on flight to stop speaking spanishJaime Primak/Instagam

A guy who asked a woman to stop speaking Spanish on a flight was soon put in his place as everyone around him started speaking Spanish in response. 

Author Jaime Primak was travelling to New York City on an early morning flight earlier this week when a fellow passenger requested she stopped speaking in Spanish.


Business Insider report Primak was raised in New Jersey, however she is bilingual in English and Spanish – as are nearly 12 million other people in the US.

Considering there’s also 41 million native Spanish speakers in the country, according to the BBC, I think it’s safe to say the use of Spanish is a common occurrence, however apparently the rude man on Primak’s flight just couldn’t bear the thought of hearing foreign words.

The author took to Twitter to recall her experience, writing:


This man just asked me to “please stop speaking Spanish” on this plane to NYC (in his defense it’s very early and he’s racist).

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It’s not clear whether Jaime immediately responded herself but she explained other people on the flight were quick to rally around her to make the man regret his ridiculous request.

The author said another passenger also started speaking Spanish, as did the flight attendant, to prove to the rude man he had no right to try and stop Primak from speaking whatever language she wanted.


She went on to express her delight at the resulting situation, saying:

The man next to him STARTED SPEAKING SPANISH and then the flight attendant and my GOD i have never wanted to get up and dance more than i do now.

Twitter users showed their support for Primak after she shared her story on social media, with many saying they would have joined in with speaking in a whole range of languages in order to make the man as uncomfortable as possible.


One person wrote:

I can’t speak Spanish but would probably have started swearing at him in a variety of other languages. I had a rather international upbringing & can swear in French, Dutch, German, Arabic, Turkish & Hong Kong Chinese.

Another Twitter user said they would have showed their support despite the fact they can’t actually speak Spanish, writing:

I don’t even speak Spanish and I would have gone at it just to annoy this guy


Hopefully the whole experience will have taught the man to leave others in peace in the future, no matter what language they’re speaking.

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