Guy Beeps At Truck To Move, Truck Smashes Into His Car

Truck reverses into carCEN

A truck driver in Turkey didn’t like being told what to do – and made sure everyone knew it – when a car beeped at them to move, so instead they reversed into it. 

When the car gave the wholly appropriate beep to encourage the truck driver to keep driving forward in the clear road, they probably weren’t expecting the violent reaction they got.

Doing the exact opposite of what the beep had hoped to achieve, the huge truck reversed swiftly backwards into the car with what looked like considerable force, causing damage to the vehicle behind it.

Watch the shocking footage here:

The truck driver must definitely hate backseat drivers. I can imagine them to have been the sort of child who broke other kids’ toys, and the type of person whose parents are terrified of getting in a car with. Understandably.

The incident happened in the Sivas province in the central Anatolia region of Turkey, where the truck driver came to their sudden and unexpected stop in the middle of a motorway slip road.

As well as stopping in the road, it’s believed the driver of the white car felt the lorry driver had cut in front of him too tightly as they both came off the slip road on Ismet Yilmaz Boulevard.

Truck reverses into carCEN

On top of the awful driving and lack of regard for other people displayed by the lorry driver, they then added ’causes damage to cars who beep at them’ to their list of bad qualities.

Talk about road rage.

The footage was captured by the dashboard camera of a bus travelling behind the white car, which the vehicle ended up sandwiched against when the truck reversed into it.

The rash action of the lorry driver crushed the front of the vehicle, and one of the people in the car leaned out of the window to express their shock at the situation.

Following the collision, the truck driver moved forward, ignoring the fact they had just damaged someone else’s car, before coming to another brief stop.

The occupants of the white van got out of their car and headed towards the lorry, with one of the men filming the culprit. Realising they were being caught on camera, the driver then made their escape.

They were apparently unaware that the bus had a security camera which captured all of their horrible antics and proved that they deliberately reversed backwards when the white car beeped.

Police are thought to be investigating the incident, though it’s unclear at this time whether the lorry driver has been arrested.

The whole scene looked like something from The Simpsons Hit and Run – and with a bad player behind the controls. Ridiculous.

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