Guy Breaks Down In Tears As He Watches Girlfriend Flirt With Another Guy

To Catch a Cheater / YouTube

A suspicious gentleman has tested his girlfriend’s fidelity on camera, only for the world wide web to gleefully watch his impending heartbreak.

Enlisting the help of modern-day love gurus, To Catch A Cheater, this guy – who almost certainly moonlights as a ham actor – has done a really good job of destroying the foundations of his relationship and ends up crying as a consequence.

To Catch A Cheater really wants you to watch this actor fake heartbreak:

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The story goes a little something like this: Boy meets girl, thinks she’s his ‘soulmate’ and is ‘looking to propose’ to her.

However, just to throw a spanner into the romantic works, the boy doesn’t like it when the girl ‘started doing all this feminist sh*t’, so assumes her political and ideological beliefs must mean she’s developing cheating tendencies.

The boy explains his warped logic, saying:

She stopped giving me blowjobs. She started doing all this feminist sh*t, like cut off her hair. Like, she just stopped shaving.

To Catch A Cheater / YouTube

God forbid a woman stop shaving… Send in Luis Mercado and his team of crack detectives to save the day and bring back this man’s hairless lady-partner, as well as fuel this disturbing women-hating flame running rife through this guy’s very soul.

So, the people from To Catch a Cheater send ‘bait’ in the form of an adult male over to this unsuspecting woman’s table and encourages the ‘bait’ to outrageously flirt with her and test how she responds.

After striking up a conversation about women’s rights – the irony is lost on no one – and the ‘Harvey Weinstein debacle’, the women explains she’s in an ‘open relationship’ with her boyfriend, who by this point looks a right tool.

To Catch A Cheater / YouTube

They continue to exchange some flirtatious pleasantries about Harvard civil rights law, Women’s Studies, the gym and sexual harassment in the workplace.

The ‘bait’ and the girlfriend exchange numbers and so the boyfriend subsequently flies off the handle, exclaiming ‘she’s a f*cking feminist and yet she’s giving her number to this guy’, all the while totally misunderstanding what feminism actually entails.

To Catch A Cheater / YouTube

He quickly breaks down in tears, exclaiming ‘I’m a good looking dude’, the whole situation was ‘totally unfair’ and he doesn’t even recognise his girlfriend anymore because ‘she’s a totally different person’.

And Luis – crowned the King of gender equality in ‘Opposite World’ – told him to ‘man up a little bit’. Joy.

Instead of talking to his girlfriend like an adult, about the status of their ‘open relationship’ and the clear miscommunication, the crying man decides he’d rather ambush the woman he loves with the full camera crew who’ve been spying on her.

To Catch A Cheater / YouTube

The whole saga cuts out just as she walks into the trap a few days later and apparently, is ‘to be continued’.

So watch this space if you like watching people ruin their own relationships through distrust and infidelity, as well as a total lack of acceptance of their partner’s belief systems.

After, you can go on your merry way, safe in the knowledge it’s all faked anyway.