Guy Claims He’s Slept With 100 Women In 100 Countries


A sex-enthusiast traveller has published a book of his adventures in which he visited 100 countries and had sex with at least one local woman in each of them.

33-year-old Michael Berndt, from a rural part of eastern Germany’s state of Saxony, is now about to marry his latest girlfriend and says his philandering days are over.

He met Lisa, just 90 countries into his challenge and says she insisted he finish the project before they settled down – maybe the best and most depressing thing a loving woman has ever told her partner?


Berndt’s book, 100 Countries, 100 Women, 100 Noises: My Crazy Journey Around the World  is now on sale, priced at £15 – it’s the perfect gift for Christmas!

It describes in detail how he started travelling after becoming bored with his life as a butcher in a quiet backwater town, opting for a life of sun, sex and suspicious STI-health.

He went to Australia on a total whim, with zero English language skills and only 700 EUR (618.50 GBP) in his pocket.


There, he met a Brazilian woman and the experience amazed him so much, it gave him the idea for his self-set challenge.

Mr Berndt said:

At that moment the idea was born: 100 Countries, 100 Women.

I did not want to leave a country, without having slept with a local woman.


It took him eight years to achieve his bizarre goal and said by the time it was over, he’d actually slept with around 300 women.

His experiences along the way included working as a porn star in Spain and being jailed in Mexico for having sex on the beach.

He swam in shark contaminated waters, learned several languages, took ‘all sorts of drugs’ and ended up with a lot of new tattoos.


To finance his travels, he did part-time and seasonal work, often being employed in restaurant kitchens.

In Austria, he got to cook for the former world heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko, as well as the Austrian national football team.

Mr Burndt also revealed he got married twice before meeting Lisa:

Once for the visa in Australia, once totally drunk in Las Vegas.


However, he says his adventures are now over and he’s ready to marry his fiancee Lisa, with whom he has two children.

He said:

I was at 90 countries when I met my girlfriend Lisa. She was full of understanding, thought I should finish the 100 first.

Now we only travel together!

We’re gonna have to take this guy’s story with a pretty hefty pinch of salt but I suppose it’s an achievement nonetheless?

Maybe not the type of thing to bring up at Christmas dinner though?