Guy Covered In Tattoos And Body Mods Gets ‘Sixth Sense’ Rare-Earth Magnet Implant

by : Lucy Connolly on : 05 May 2020 12:55
Guy Covered In Tattoos And Body Mods Gets 'Sixth Sense' Rare-Earth Magnet ImplantSupplied

A man whose body is covered with more than 50 tattoos from his face down to his feet has even had a rare magnet implant, which he says ‘gives the body a sixth sense’.

Brett Wood, 30, first started getting tattoos on his 18th birthday – and has since had ‘a little bit of everything’, from roses to UFOs – although he said he had ‘no idea’ that he would get as many as he does now.


The 30-year-old, from Indiana, has since moved on to body modifications – from scarification to a tongue split, to having an actual magnet inserted into his hand – and despite describing the tongue split as ‘brutal’, said he has no regrets.

man has 50 tattoos and body modificationsSupplied

In total, Brett has four body modifications, the most recent of which he said is ‘hands down’ his favourite: having his eyeballs tattooed purple, also known as sclera staining.

‘Everything about it interests me… the way it looks, the procedure, and even just the whole anatomy of the eye itself,’ he told UNILAD. ‘It’s not your every day thing that you see, so having it definitely makes you stand out.’


He said that while it didn’t hurt to have it done – ‘it’s not done with a machine like your typical tattoo, but done via injections’ – it was a ‘terrifying’ procedure. Regardless, he would ‘do it again in a heartbeat’ if he had the chance.

man gets body mods and tattoos eyesSupplied

Just because that didn’t hurt doesn’t mean none of the body modifications he’s had done haven’t. In fact, the one that hurt the most, according to Brett, was ‘definitely’ the tongue split which he got done around three years ago. ‘It was brutal,’ he said.

Brett continued:


The procedure itself really isn’t that bad, it was the healing afterwards. You can’t speak, you can’t eat solid foods for a week and you drool like a baby with the thickest saliva for the first two to three days. But now that it’s healed I have no regrets.

While not his favourite or the most painful, perhaps the modification that would intrigue most people is the rare-earth magnet he’s had implanted into the side of his hand. ‘Having a magnet implant gives the body a sixth sense, also known as magnet vision,’ he told us.

man has 50 tattoos and body modificationsSupplied

What does this mean, you might be wondering? Well, with the implant he says his body is able to feel magnetic fields when close to, say, security gates, microwaves and several other electromagnetic devices.


All of which sounds pretty intrusive, right? Which is exactly why Brett has a ‘kind of ritual’ to clear his head before the more extreme procedures: ‘I like to get up a little early before a procedure [and] have a light breakfast or lunch depending on the time of it.’

He continued:

[I then] go for a quick run to burn off any anxious feelings, shower and have a cup of chamomile tea. Then, on the way to the shop, it’s time to turn up the music.

man has 50 tattoos and body modificationsSupplied

While Brett has had some negative reactions from people – anything from ‘you get laid looking like that?’ to ‘good luck getting a job’ – he stands by his look and says there is ‘nothing wrong with improving your self image’.

‘Tattoos make me personally feel better about my appearance, as well as the extreme body modifications,’ he told UNILAD. ‘The people who don’t agree aren’t living in your shoes. As I’ve always believed, if the body can be changed to make yourself feel better, change it.’

Brett said he ‘doesn’t get bothered by any rude comments’ and ‘just laughs it all off’, but it’s these comments that caused his girlfriend of eight years, Karen, to worry when he first started changing his body.

guy covered in tattoos and body mods has magnet inside handSupplied

He explained:

I didn’t have too many tattoos when we starting dating and I didn’t have any extreme mods. [Karen] was kind of against me getting the mods at first… [she] was a bit hesitant, mostly because she was concerned about my health and safety.

She also was worried about others being cruel to me just because they don’t understand it… but it’s grown on her. She knows how much it means to me to have them, as they make me feel more comfortable with my body

People can be jerks. But all worries aside, if it makes you feel better about yourself and you’re cautious and do your research, go for it.

guy covered in tattoos and body mods has magnet inside handSupplied

The first thing Brett plans on doing once isolation is over is – of course – getting a tattoo, with his next piece intended for his legs. ‘[I’ve got] a couple more sessions to go and they’ll be done,’ he said.

You do you, Brett.

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