Guy Deletes Tinder After Woman Sends Screengrabs Of His Own Message

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Guy Deletes Tinder After Woman Sends Him Screengrab Of His Own Message@hazposting/Twitter

An unfortunate singleton has been forced to swear off dating apps after his date sent his own message back to him.

Harrison, believed to be from Leeds, took to Twitter to promise he’s deleting Tinder, alongside a screenshot of the most uncomfortable exchange ever.


‘Hey, I had a really nice time last night,’ Harry told his date, who was saved as ‘Rachel Tinder’, adding ‘would love to see you again sometime?’

But instead of sending a cute little message back, ‘Rachel Tinder’ accidentally sent a screenshot of Harrison’s innocent message back to him, which is arguably worse than a flat rejection.

Without offering any explanation, Rachel quickly followed the screenshot up with ‘LMAO’, adding ‘oh my god I’m so sorry’. Oh dear.


After sharing the unfortunate exchange on Twitter, it quickly racked up an impressive 262,000 likes and 24,000 retweets, with many people rushing to tell him he’d dodged a bullet.

One Twitter user replied:

She took of a screenshot of his message with the intention of sending it to a friend to laugh at him. But she sent it to him by mistake. Ouch.


Others questioned, ‘why are people so awful?’ while reassuring Harrison he ‘deserves better’.

Many people were desperate to learn what happened next, as it’s unclear as to whether Harry replied to the burn (although I’m secretly hoping he didn’t).

Meanwhile, loads of Twitter users also pointed out Rachel hadn’t even saved his number; potentially the harshest aspect of the entire thing.


One optimistic person suggested:

Maybe she was super flattered by his text and wanted to share it with a friend? No?

‘She was so excited and proud to get your text that she wanted to share it with close friends. Nothing to worry about,’ another sarcastically replied.

While it might seem like Harrison’s experience couldn’t have been any worse, at least he didn’t fall foul of a savage new tactic being used on the dating site: whelming.


Whelming is when a prospective partner you’ve matched with online spends all their time talking about their other matches, in an attempt to make themselves seem in-demand and ‘overwhelmed’ with options.

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Needless to say, it’s not a popular dating tactic and unless you want to end up with someone who is only attracted to raging knobheads, it’s probably best to employ some other strategies.

Here’s to wishing Harrison the best of luck in his non-dating app love life.

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