Guy Escapes Death After Tyres ‘Fall Off Moving Truck’ And Demolish His Car

car destroyed by falling tyresNewsflare

For most of us, our morning routines are just that – routine. We go about our daily tasks absent-mindedly, as if we’re on autopilot.

If you’re anything like me, you’re often so unaware of doing some things you have to go back and check you’ve done them. Anyone else walked a few steps from their door and had to go back to check it’s locked because you can’t remember what you did literally two seconds ago?

And, if Sliding Doors has taught us anything, it’s that those few seconds can often have a huge impact on the events of the day.

Take this guy, for example. Had he been a few seconds early or late getting to his car for his morning commute, things could’ve turned out very differently.

car demolished by two tyresNewsflare

If he was early, he could’ve avoided the ensuing chaos. If he was late, he at least would not have had what can only be described as an I-need-new-underwear incident.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t early or late, he was bang on time to be sitting in his parked car just as two of the biggest tyres I’ve ever seen crashed into his car and completely destroyed it.

Amazingly, the man in the video gets out unharmed, though he might be getting the bus to work for the foreseeable.

It seems as if the wayward tyres come out of nowhere, but the truck that zooms past probably has something to do with it.

After the first tyre smashes into the front of the 4×4, causing the airbags to deploy, the second just drops from the heavens, landing squarely on top of the car, crushing the roof and shattering the windscreen.

Check it out here:

Though obviously a little shaken after such a close call, the driver emerges unscathed.

The CCTV footage was filmed in Longyan City in southwestern China’s Fuijan Province, and an investigation into how it happened is underway.

It just goes to show, perhaps we should disrupt our routines every now and again, who knows what you might experience.

Then again, if you’re thinking you need a little extra to keep yourself safe, I wouldn’t recommend blessing your car with incense to make your journeys any smoother…

Footage recently went viral of a man who burned incense to ‘bless’ his new BMW only to set it completely on fire.

Video of the catastrophe was captured in the Jiangsu city of Yangzhou. Within 20 minutes, the man’s 470,000 RMB (roughly $73,000) car had been reduced to a mere pathetic pile of iron crisp.

Footage taken before the fire shows offerings being placed around the car, a piece of red cloth put down across the hood. The Yangzhou fire department suspects the fire began after the man started burning incense on the cloth. No sh*t.

The car was so new it didn’t even have a number plate, according to Shangaiist.

I’m not sure if burning incense would have helped those tyres avoid crashing into the 4×4, in fact I’m not sure you should set fire to anything near your own car. Either way, it can’t hurt to shake up your morning routine every now and again, can it?

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