Guy F*cks Up Massively By Giving His House Keys To Homeless Woman


We all know the phrase that no good deed goes unpunished, but for one unlucky Redditor who showed some kindness to a stranger this became very literal. 

The Reddit user in question got what he describes as ‘reaaally drunk’ at a late night party and on his walk home he was stopped by a homeless woman.

In his drunken stupor he decided to be a good Samaritan, or an incredibly naive idiot depending on your perspective, and although he doesn’t remember the exact details he does remember asking her back to his.

Bringing her back to his place, he said she could sleep in his bed while he slept on the floor in the living room.

Unfortunately the next day the Redditor had to catch a flight, and while still incredibly drunk he made the worst decision you could make in this situation.

He wrote:

I was was awake and ready to go to the airport. Before I left I, I MADE THE WORST DECISION!. I decided TO LET THE WOMAN STAY IN MY PLACE WITH KEYS! I literally left my keys with her! I didn’t have her name, I didn’t have her phone number (if she even has one).

I was so fucking drunk but it seemed like I could trust somebody. She was down and out, and my place could be a sanctuary for her from the craziness of her every day life. I stuck my fucking face into another persons business I had nothing to do with.

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Thinking nothing of leaving all his possessions with someone he didn’t know he left for the airport.

It was only as he came in for a landing that he realised he had ‘huuuge regrets’ and realised quite how stupid he’d been.

Unfortunately he was stuck in a different city and couldn’t fly back forcing him to call his landlord with the hope he could change the lock.

By this time however his invited, but unwanted, house guest had tried to cash a cheque in his name for 450 dollars, and his TV had been stolen

Luckily though nothing else was gone as far as he could tell however he faced another huge problem, the police.

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He explained:

I don’t feel I can call the police. The optics of the situation are incredibly bad! As a male it looks like I picked up a prostitute and took her home. I didn’t lay a hand on this woman. I thought I was doing such a nice thing!

I slept on the floor of my living room, and yet if it were to come up it would be her word against mine.

Even worse he’s worried that if he doesn’t call the police and something comes up, they’re going to ask ‘why didn’t you contact the police?’ And if he didn’t contact them the he must have had something to hide.

The lesson here, dont’t drink, or do? Just don’t invite random homeless back to your house