Guy F*cks Up Massively Using Online Confessions Page


A blossoming romance is a high pressure situation, one wrong move and it can blow up in your face, just as this guy found out.

Taking to the ‘Today, I Fucked Up’ section of Reddit, a man known as ‘Plaayaah‘ revealed how an error in judgement completely destroyed his chances with a girl he was dating.

You see, he really liked the girl, but the occasional bout of bad breath was bugging him. Did he just man up and tell her? Nope. His choice of action was far worse.

Check out his unfortunate tale:

Well…shit. So I recently started dating this girl from University. It’s a pretty small university with only about 2000 people so everyone kind of knows each other. We’ve had a “confessions” page for about 5 months now and it’s pretty successful, we get new anonymous posts every day and they keep us quite entertained.

The girl Ive been dating for a week or two , she’s lovely. We met during a music club rehearsal and hit it off quite well. She plays the bass guitar! And I was really starting to like her. She’s got tons of great things about her but there’s just one small issue of the occasional bad breath. It hadn’t really bothered me before but sometimes when we are whispering it gets really annoying. So I thought , WHY NOT , and thought of posting a confession instead of just telling her. Why, you ask? Because I’m a moron. So I begin typing out the confession and want to write “dear xyz, it’s called a chewing gum, ever heard of it? Thanks, society” I KNOW it’s mean but I thought , hey! If it’s mean then she’ll definitely not suspect that it’s me. Except, instead of saying “thanks, society” I signed it as “thanks, myname” (curse you thousands of emails that I send out signing my name, and curse you muscle memory , curse everything) and I hit ‘send’. Only to realize at the LAST second that I signed it as my own name.

NOW I was trying to fix this, so I email the admin of the page and ask him not to post my confession. Turns out. She’s the admin.

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And things got progressively worse for the self-confessed moron…

EDIT: okay so these events are happening in real time so bear with me. Since people want to know, I found out she’s the admin when I messaged her and she started talking weirdly so I knew something was up. It was sooort of fine, but I kept asking her what’s wrong. She told me that she’s the admin and then shit just exploded! She sent a bunch of hate messages towards me about how imperfect I was and how it didn’t bother her. I apologized profusely. She stopped talking to me.

Then i FUCKUP AGAIN by calling my m8 and telling him what happened. We had a good laugh over it. He told me it should be fine and that she will get over it. That made me feel better, but this idiot told other people (I didn’t know he would spread this around) and now not only does probably everyone know that she had been the admin (previously anonymous) all this time , but now they also know about her…bad breath condition (if they didn’t before)

I’m guessing I’m single now. I also don’t think I’ll be able to date any more girls from my university anymore.

Update: Have sent out a ton of apologies to her by text and no replies yet, my mate suggests sending her a gift basket with flowers and mints as a joke… LOL! Ofc I’m not going to do that, that would be the perfect ending though.

The story went down well with plenty of Redditors who had a good laugh at the poor guy’s rapidly deteriorating relationship status.


Schadenfreude at its finest.

The lesson here – just tell the truth, no matter how awkward, as things can most definitely be worse.