Guy Flashes Gun And Money For Instagram And Immediately Pays For It

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Guy Flashes Gun And Money For Instagram And Immediately Pays For Itu/ImNotHereStopAsking/Reddit

A man’s efforts to look cool for Instagram by flashing cash and his gun attracted the wrong sort of attention.

In the age of social media, people are desperate to get noticed with innovative, edgy posts. It’s the ‘do it for the ‘gram’ culture; people doing silly things for clout online.


In this example, an unnamed man was walking towards his friend’s car having treated himself at the shops. As his pal filmed him, he pulled out a gun and took out his wad of cash – but amid the ‘ayy’ and laughs, the situation quickly turned sour.

In videos shared to Instagram by @saycheesetv and Reddit, the video cuts to someone filming on the side of the street as the man is being instructed by police to keep his hands up and walk backwards towards them.

According to Redditors, it’s believed the incident took place in Canada; one, because of the accents heard in the clip; and two, because of the police’s tact. ‘This is old and happened in Canada a while ago. Gun was not real and a prop for some rap video or some thing,’ one user claimed.

The man flashed his gun and attracted the police. (ImNotHereStopAsking/Reddit)ImNotHereStopAsking/Reddit

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‘WELL… the outcome ended up being better, I thought this guy was about to accidentally shoot his dick,’ another wrote, echoing others’ concerns about the guy’s gun safety. ‘I literally thought he was going to shoot his pepe off or shoot the camera man. No gun safety,’ a third commented.

The majority of viewers commenting agree that the man brought the police presence upon himself. ‘Snitched on himself,’ one wrote. ‘Looks like it was handled well tho glad nothing bad happened,’ another commented.

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