Guy Gets Brutal Street Justice On His Sister’s Abusive Boyfriend

fight 3

Anyone who has a younger sister understands that you can easily get a bit protective at times, especially if she has a new boyfriend.

But what if you found out he laid a hand on her? What would you do? Well, this guy decided to settle it the ol’ fashioned (and illegal) way, by beating the absolute crap out of him. 

The video starts with the big brother confronting the boyfriend and him denying the allegations of abuse, saying: “I’m telling you I did not lay hands on her.”

fight 1

The big bro is having absolutely none of it and – with the encouragement of a load of people circling around them – he starts a scuffle.

After a few missed jabs, the girl’s sibling manages to tackle the boyfriend to the ground and land several heavy blows to his head.

That’s when the crowd gets involved, asking the boyfriend to get back up and encourage them to have a fair fight.

fight 2

The pissed off bro shouts, ‘get the fuck up boy’, as the boyfriend gets up and repeats his denial – something which only seems to get the brother even madder.

He runs at him and lands even more blows to his body, as the boyfriend struggles to defend himself or even land a punch in response.

The big bro manages to pin him to the ground and land even more punches to his head, before yelling: “That’s my fucking sister, don’t ever treat a girl like that.”

Warning: Graphic content.

If he actually was abusive, it probably would have been best to get the authorities involved, as this isn’t going to do much good in the long-run.