Guy Gets Fired From Airport, Reacts In Most Russian Way Ever

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Getting fired from your job can be incredibly tough to take, we all know that.

But we all have different coping mechanisms to deal with such a grim situation. This guys was to allegedly smash up an aeroplane, because why not?

In the short clip, the pissed off former employee can be seen using a large digger to smash into the aircraft multiple times before ripping a massive hole in its bodywork.

The aircraft appears to be a Yak-40 – a small, three-engined airliner – that seems to belong to UTair, The Mirror reports.

plane web thumbYouTube/dobromovie

Reports are suggesting that he was an employee of Russian airline UTair and was simply taking revenge on the company after he got given the boot. However some commenters aren’t so sure, with one claiming that the destruction was actually planned.

They said:

These are defunct aircraft. The second-hand Yak-40 price is less than 5 million rubles (£52,000), maybe they aren’t worth selling or nobody wants to purchase them. Besides, looks like the engines have already been repurposed.


If it is true, it’s a pretty bold move.