Guy Gets Hit In The Head With .50 Caliber Ricochet

Guy hit in head with bulletViralHog

A guy had a very unfortunate experience when he was out shooting a gun, when one of his .50 caliber bullets ricocheted back and hit him in the head. 

When you’re out shooting a gun, however often that experience may be, the general idea is the bullet goes very far away from you and in the opposite direction.

That theory didn’t work out so well for the man in this video, whose bullet started off going in the right direction, then presumably bounced off the target, or something in the distance, and came back to hit him in the head.

Watch the unbelievable video here:

The shooter, known only as Willy, was out in the wilderness in Utah, US, getting in some gun shooting practice.

The person behind the camera filmed Willy taking his shot, and following the explosion of the bullet leaving the .50 BMG rifle, you can make out the sound of it hitting something in the distance.

The target was said to be a steel plate which was placed 1000 yards away – the distance of around 10 football pitches.

With a loud whistle, which gave away its blinding speed, the bullet came hurtling back towards Willy, bouncing on the ground before hitting him directly on the side of the head.

Bullet hits mad in headViralHog

The shooter’s earmuffs flew from his head following the force of the bullet and Willy’s reaction. His head was thrown to the side due to the impact, and he could be seen putting his hands up to his head as he started to stand.

Incredibly, it seems as if the bullet only hit his earmuffs, thankfully avoiding any fatal impact. You could say he dodged the bullet.

One of the men called out ‘that’s the last one of them we’re doing!’

Probably a good call, considering a man just accidentally got shot in the head.

Willy’s friends inspected his injuries as he asked ‘am I bleeding?’, but they replied ‘no’, suggesting, amazingly, the high speed bullet hadn’t even broken his skin.

Trying to figure out exactly what had happened, the cameraman picks up the discarded earmuffs, asking ‘where did it hit?’

The man who shot the gun exclaimed ‘right in the side of my head!’

Still in shock at the close call, the men in attendance can be heard saying ‘we are not doing that any more’, ‘nope no more iron!’.

People have been commenting on the video, expressing their shock at the close call.

One person wrote:

That whistling sound is God’s ringtone, ignore it and hit the dirt!

Another added:

You can see that if you are shooting at steel target no matter how far away, make sure steel plate is turned slightly to left or right or laid back at an angle! This guy almost found out the hard way! [sic]

One commenter managed to look on the bright side, writing:

well at least ya knew you hit the Iron! [sic]

I’d say Willy is a pretty lucky guy surviving that incident with just some damaged earmuffs.  Unbelievable!

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