Guy Gets Revenge On Girlfriend By Taking Selfie While She Cheats


A guy who caught his girlfriend cheating on him during a night out managed to get a selfie with her as she kissed another man.

Now, that must take a heck of a lot of patience, I don’t think many people would take a smiling selfie snap if they just witnessed their partner kissing somebody else.

Mariano, from Quilmes in Bueno Aires, Brazil, had gone for a night out without his girlfriend, and didn’t know she was in fact at the same party, until he saw her casually kissing another man.

Mariano’s girlfriend clearly completely unaware of what was going on was snapped in action in the selfie.

The 20-year-old captioned the snap:

My girlfriend (now ex) didn’t realise that we came to the same party.

Then, as people do these days, he posted in for the world to see on Twitter. Of course.

The post went viral, wth more than 17,000 comments and a further 68,000 ‘likes’, and with that Mariano quickly added: ‘Dignity Donations Accepted.’

Nice try.

Mariano then went a step further and posted a screenshot of his now ex-girlfriend trying to explain her actions.

Her message reads:

I was very drunk and the fatty was very insistent with me, he told me loads of things and I do not know how it came to that. I seriously love you and I want to be with you.

The message then shows Mariano replying: ‘You could have made a bit more of an effort’  followed by the laughing-crying emoji we all know and love.

Thousands posted their support and Mariano was sure to thank them.

He posted underneath his original tweet:

Thank you girls for all your support photos, and thanks to all the soldiers for their memes, always in my heart.

It more-or-less goes without saying, their relationship didn’t work out and they’ve split up now.

That’s bad, but then there’s this.

One guy was left absolutely bloody livid when he saw his girlfriend kissing the Love Island’s ‘Muggy Mike’ on his TV.

Kirran Girling was confronted with the sight of reigning Miss Shropshire Emma Pollard, his girlfriend, ‘snogging the face off’ Mike Thalassitis on the show Celebs Go Dating.

Kirran tweeted:

You got something you want to tell me babe?

Watching telly to see an Advert come on of the new series for @CelebsGoDating to find my Mrs snogging the face off muggy mike #muggedoffbymike @MikeThalassitis.

Muggy Mike immediately hit back, saying:

Your Mrs has mugged you off here son, not me!

Thalassitis got his nickname following his Love Island antics last summer after he dated Tyne Lexi, Montana Brown, Jess Shears and Olivia Attwood on ITV‘s Love Island.

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Message here – and it should be super obvious by now… don’t cheat, just don’t do it.