Guy Gives Girlfriend Excuse For Cheating That Might Actually Be Worse


Cheating Excuse

We all know cheating is pretty low and those who get caught doing the dirty often try and excuse their behaviour.

This is nothing unusual. However, one complicated fella has tried a particularly rogue get out jail free card with the following far-fetched (we hope) story.

The terribly misguided and unusual tactic sees the suspected cheater eschewing responsibility to none other than his own dad, who apparently gave him a hiccy.

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He could’ve blamed it on the alcohol, or copied Shaggy’s denial of all responsibility, or even insisted he was thinking about his partner the whole time! But no, this guy went for overly tactile dad bants, in the most unfortunate life choice since Pandora opened her box.

Twitter responded in the only way it knows how; with a multitude of GIFs illustrating mild to severe shock.

As far as his suffering significant other is concerned, I’m not sure if discovering you’ve been cheated on is actually worse that realising your unfaithful boyfriend’s family is this inappropriately close.

Sophocles once said, ‘I would rather fail with honour than win with cheating.’ This guy lost the game and his honour… And possibly his relationship with his dad. Ouch.