Guy Goes On Epic Photoshoot For Wife’s Anniversary Present

Facebook/Your Life Your Lens

This brave fella went on a rather risqué photoshoot for his wife’s anniversary present and the results are perfect. 

Normally flowers or a bottle of something are a good shout for a low-key anniversary present, but this guy went into overdrive with his offering.

Jonathan LeFleur from Dallas, Texas decided upon a ‘dudeoir’ shoot for his wife, photographed by his brother-in-law and some of the shots posted on Your Life, Our Lens are pure comedy gold.

Clearly someone was inspired by the video for Benny Benassi’s ‘Satisfaction,’ and thought they’d have a go…

Donning nothing but a hi-vis and hard hat, Jonathan – or ‘Jonny Lumber’ as was his character name – sprung into action and posed like a pro.

The hilarious photos show ‘Jonny’ posing with various power tools and building equipment in a whole range of seductive positions, showing his wife just what a hunk he could be…

The snaps –  which were supposed to be secret – have now gone viral via Facebook, although Jonathan still wants to use them to create a calendar for his wife.

His brother, Josh posted on Facebook:

His nickname is Jonny Lumber so it seemed fitting that we would let him play out that role! So much fun and I suppose we can now add Dudeoir to the resume.

On receiving this precious, tasteful gift, Jonathan’s wife, Alexandria’s ‘jaw hit the floor’.

She told mySA:

I’ve seen one or two in the past and joked about him doing them because he has the perfect personality for it, but I wasn’t expecting him to ever actually commit.

They presented me with a slideshow of pictures and I about died.

After attracting a huge amount of social media attention over his provocative posing skills, Jonathan seems thrilled and doesn’t want his popularity to die down.

He told the publication:

Now I just want it to keep going.

I haven’t been the best at giving her gifts in the past…so I think this has made up for the previous years and all the lack of surprises.

So there you have it. Now you know what a ‘dudeoir’ photoshoot looks like and it’s quite something…

Fair play to the guy for giving this a go though and whacking out his dad-bod.

What a hero, hope she liked it!