Guy Goes Viral For Perfect Rant About Millennials And Their Sense Of Entitlement

by : UNILAD on : 05 Jan 2017 17:42

Do you ever feel like someone just ripped out your life’s greatest struggles and your mind’s most frustrating weaknesses, laid them out, then perfectly psycho-analysed you?

Well Simon Sinek left me floored after he explained the entitlement of Millennials in the workplace, and the effects of parenting, technology, impatience, and environment on our relationships, mindset, and happiness.


It’s not that often that a real, serious, honest video goes viral, but this one obviously resonated with millions of people when he explained we were ‘dealt a bad hand’ which has resulted in low self esteem, unrealistic expectations, higher suicide rates, unfulfillment, social media addictions, and superficial relationships.

He looks at how today’s ‘failed parenting strategies’ have caused the millennial generation to think they are special, that they can have anything they want in life – just because they want it, and their parents can get them special treatment, not through meritocracy but by kicking up a fuss.

Simon also brought up the interesting issue with ‘participation awards’ (a medal for coming in last place), which is proven to devalues the award for those who work hard and make the person who came last place feel embarrassed because they know they didn’t deserve it.


He says:

So you take this group of people, and then they graduate school and they get a job, they’re thrust into the real world, and in an instant they find out: they’re not special, their mums can’t get them a promotion, you get nothing for coming in last, and by the way you can’t just have it because you want it.

In an instant, their entire self image is shattered. So you have an entire generation that’s growing up with lower self esteem than previous generations.

One small thing that I’ve stopped doing straight away after watching this is, when I’m sitting with someone, my phone is away and not on the table because it sends the message to the other people present that ‘you’re just not that important right now’.


It seems like our generation’s addiction to phones and social media is affecting us in ways we cannot imagine.

So next time you’re with friends or family, or go on a day out with someone, why not leave that phone alone?

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