Guy Meets Groomsmen For Very First Time On His Wedding Day

by : UNILAD on : 21 Oct 2017 20:06

A couple who met on OKCupid got married Saturday, making dating site junkies across the globe breathe a huge sigh of relief that what they’re doing is even a fraction justified.

Charles Powell, 28, from Cincinnati matched his better half Myra a few years ago and the pair are now living happily ever after.

Perhaps more importantly though, there was another online friend at the wedding: a groomsman.


Back in 2003, the days before Shawn Mendes and NOS, Powell made pals with Joe ‘Sinjo’ Walters from Detriot while playing Phantasy Star Online on the original Xbox.

He said:

We just happened to walk by each other and I asked him for an item.


Before long, Walters had introduced Charles to other players, Williams ‘Free2spin21’ Brown from Tennessee, and Joey ‘Grimmjo’ Morris from Baltimore.

The group would routinely play and chat, write Buzzfeed.


Charles added:


I would come home from school and they would be online and I would be online. We just liked the same things.

Their friendship would continue for 15 years, save for any face-to-face meetings.

That all changed last weekend, when Walters, Brown and Morris all turned up to Charles’ special day.


Previously, the gamer bros had never been able to afford to meet up together, but knew Charles’ wedding was unmissable.

Morris was even asked to be a groomsman in the wedding.

When Charles picked him up at the airport they jumped up in joy.

Charles said:


Every part of my life they were there. We already knew each other. It was like we were already family.

He wrote on his Twitter:

15 years of playing Xbox live. The first time we have ever met, and he’s a groomsman in my wedding. Online friends are real life friends. It takes a lot to get me shook. I’m shook man.

Whole world showing me love man this crazy. I love y’all man.

4 hours of sleep. It’s hitting now. I appreciate all the love y’all can’t wait till we get this thing going tomorrow.

Now, while I’d sooner spending my evenings standing outside offies buying Tyskie for 13-year-olds than on an Xbox (haven’t touched mine since winning the league with Southend on FIFA ’05), I can’t help but find this display of bro-dedication heartwarming.

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