Guy Needs Operation After Getting D*ck Stuck In Plastic Bottle

by : Emily Brown on : 17 Mar 2020 17:17

A man in China had to undergo a toe-curling operation after he made the questionable decision to insert his d*ck into a plastic bottle – and it got stuck there.  

The unnamed patient, from the city of Wuhu in China’s eastern province of Anhui, was taken to Wuhu First People’s Hospital on March 12 after finding himself in the unfortunate predicament.

According to the provincial fire service, rescuers took the man to hospital after he tried to remove the bottle himself – evidently with no success.

Doctors inspect man's penis after he gets bottle stuck on itAsiaWire

In an earlier DIY attempt, which I imagine was a truly terrifying ordeal, the bottle had been cut up to the neck in an attempt to free the patient’s manhood. However, his d*ck was held tight by the neck of the bottle, and despite the efforts it just would not budge.

Rescuers said the penis was ‘swollen and turning purple’ as a result of the bottle cutting into it, so the man had little choice but to allow doctors to get their tools up close and personal with his genitals.

Footage taken in the Accident and Emergency Department of Wuhu First People’s Hospital shows doctors and firefighters leaning over the man’s groin, with one professional using a lighter to heat up a scalpel before putting it to use on the bottle.

Doctors use scissors to cut bottle off man's penisAsiaWire

Medics also used a small pair of scissors to help complete the delicate procedure.

Now, obviously we don’t know exactly what the patient was thinking at this point in time, but it doesn’t take much to imagine. Having to lie back helplessly with your trousers around your ankles and doctors leaning over your groin with sharp tools and a lighter in no way paints a picture of serenity – though thankfully the man was given local anaesthetic before the team got to work.

Thankfully the doctors were successful in their work, and they managed to use the scissors to free the swelling, purple penis from its trap.

Doctors remove plastic bottle stuck on man's penisAsiaWire

Unfortunately the hospital did not say whether the patient revealed exactly why he decided to insert his penis into a plastic bottle, and it’s not clear whether there was any liquid in the bottle before it was cut off.

Either way, a plastic bottle isn’t exactly made of the most delicate material, and I just can’t imagine any scenario in which pushing your d*ck through an evidently tight bottleneck could be considered a good idea.

The man isn’t thought to have suffered any permanent damage as a result of his actions, though hopefully he’ll have learned not to repeat his mistake again in the future.


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