Guy Paralysed In Accident Motivated To Recover After Friend Promises To Let Him Kick Him In Balls

by : Emily Brown on : 25 Apr 2021 15:57
Guy Paralysed In Accident Motivated To Recover After Friend Promises To Let Him Kick Him In BallsChase Gets Better/TikTok

Some people are willing to go through anything to help their loved ones, so when one TikTok user became paralysed from the shoulders down, his friend promised that when he recovered he was willing to receive a kick in the balls. 

Recovering quadriplegic Chase was involved in a ‘traumatic accident’ earlier this year which left him ‘completely paralysed under [his] shoulders.’ Images of the TikTok user showing him lying in hospital, covered in casts, bandages and supports, but he was determined to get back on his feet.


While Chase was undergoing recovery, his mate Dan promised him that he could kick him in the balls once he’d regained the strength and movement in his legs.

Check out Chase’s recovery efforts below:


Being given permission to kick someone in the balls isn’t something that happens very often, so Chase did everything he could to make sure he took full advantage of the opportunity.

On TikTok, he could be seen working with therapists to train his legs, with one member of staff noting that his left leg was ‘clearly’ the one for the job as it had ‘way more force’ than she was expecting.

Fast forward a few months to this week, when Chase was out of rehab after recovering ‘way better than the doctors expected.’

Dan finally introduced himself in a follow-up video, saying: ‘Hey guys, I’m Dan and I’m about to be kicked in the balls.’


See Chase’s efforts pay off below:

Chase could be seen gearing up for the epic kick, warning viewers to ‘not try this at home’ before the moment he’d been working so hard for was finally upon him.


Dan covered his eyes so he wouldn’t know when the blow was coming, but Chase wasted little time as he delivered a clean and purposeful kick right between Dan’s legs, causing him to fall to the floor.

After managing to get his breath back, Dan revealed Chase had targetted his ‘left ball’. Later, once he was back on his feet, he commended his friend’s efforts as he said: ‘Chase just kicked me straight in the balls and I feel so good.’

Chase thanked Dan for helping him get through ‘the most difficult challenge of [his] life’, and the friends’ commitment to Chase’s recovery has been praised on TikTok, racking up more than 300,000 views.

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Chase Gets Better/TikTok
  1. Chase Gets Better/TikTok