Guy Pranks Girlfriend In Most Savage Way Possible

graveWikimedia/Parrot Of Doom

A guy has pushed the concept of the prank to its limits after convincing his girlfriend he was dead.

Yep, the unlucky lady in question took to Reddit to share her devastating experience and to be honest it sounds incredibly traumatic.

According to The Mirror, the woman starts by explaining that her boyfriend – who she’d been with for seven years – had called earlier in the day to say he was going to take her out after he finished work.


But then she got another phone call:

I was waiting at his mom’s house when I received a call from the police, saying that he died in a car crash.

But not only that – it turns out his family were in on the prank too as they turned up to comfort her, spending two whole hours sharing in her despair.


It was at this point he made his ‘miraculous recovery’:

Then he comes home with flowers and people are taking videos of him, and him and his family are all laughing while I am crying my eyes out.

I can see there may be a cultural barrier because they are from a Mexican/Spanish background, that it might be funny in other cultures, but, any time I try to tell him how wrong this was he just laughs and says it was the greatest April Fools prank ever done.

Everyone I tell tells me to lighten up and that it’s hilarious.


Hmm, it doesn’t seem like that would be particularly funny – no matter what your cultural background – and it seems like other people agree.

One commenter wrote:

I’m Hispanic, if my husband pulled something like this I’d be livid.

There’s a big difference between a fun little April fools prank and making your loved one think you were dead for two hours. It’s not a cultural thing it’s an asshole thing.

I’d be freaking furious.