Guy Reveals How US Flag Is Disrespected By ‘Patriotic’ Americans Every Day


Boy, our neighbours over in the States really care about their flag don’t they?

Over in the UK, yeah it’s alright. I like the look of the Union Jack. It’s easy on the eye, but it doesn’t inspire the same level of patriotism most Americans get from the Stars and Stripes.

Donald Trump of late has been very vocal about his nation’s flag, especially when it comes to those ‘disrespecting’ it.

It’s a reaction to the numbers of professional NFL athletes who have knelt down during pre-game renditions of the national anthem as protest against police brutality and racism.

To the President, this is sacrilege. How dare Americans freely express themselves in a brave manner in the land of the free and home of the brave?

But as Henry Wise has pointed out in spectacular fashion via Twitter thread, most patriotic Americans ‘disrespect’ their flag every single day, in ways most of us wouldn’t even realise.

Sit back and enjoy: 

Trump should probably take a look through this Twitter thread, maybe even give it an RT…