Guy Says Wife Has ‘Finally Lost It’ After Bizarre Hack To Help Poorly Baby Daughter

Mum uses sanitary pad to help sick baby.The MotherLoad/Facebook

A snuffly baby who just won’t settle is what every new parent dreads, and some mums take a very creative approach to soothing their little ones.

One clever mum by the name of Emily has gone to highly unusual lengths to give her poor baby girl some relief from a blocked nose.

Emily had some decongestant Olbas Oil, but nothing to put in on. It was 3am, so she couldn’t exactly nip down the shops. Thinking outside the box, she grabbed a sanitary towel, coated it in oil, and stuck it above her daughter’s cot.

It worked like a charm, but Emily’s husband understandably thought his missus had ‘finally lost it’ when he came across her makeshift Olbas Oil diffuser…

Taking to parenting site The MotherLoad’s Facebook community, Emily explained:

Snotty baby needed something to help the congestion. Covered this in some Olbas Oil – works a treat.

My other half thought I had finally lost it.

Emily’s top tip was shared over a thousand times, with plenty of fellow parents praising Emily for her ingenuity.

One mum chuckled:

I use a flannel lol or a muslin blanket lol. Really funny tho cool idea tho! As this sticks and I had to hang mine high so my kids couldn’t reach them! Funny ideas you come up with being a mum!

Another said:

How long before a different version is on the market! Patent it now girl.

Whether Emily will now pursue a career as a baby healing entrepreneur remains to be seen, but she has made the following comments to The Mirror:

I had the oil but no tissues, it didn’t occur to me to use toilet roll.

My husband was just confused as to why it was stuck onto the shelf.

He thought I’d done it by accident without realising.

Mums really can be magic when it comes to knowing exactly what to do in a crisis. Get well soon mini-Emily!

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