Guy Sends Friend Request To Stranger 10,000 Miles Away, They End Up Falling In Love


A teenage girl who took a chance and accepted a friend request from a complete stranger has fallen in love with her online admirer, the only problem he lives thousands of miles away.

18-year-old Rebecca Luff first ‘met’ Michael Young two years ago when he added her on Facebook. Noticing he lived in Adelaide, Australia she accepted his request and the two began chatting.

Over the following months Rebecca and Michael continued to talk and eventually they fell in love, finally making things official in December 2015.


Michael even came to visit Rebecca late last year spending three weeks in her home town of Plymouth as well as making a quick trip over to Amsterdam.

Despite never having met in the flesh Rebecca claims that things weren’t odd between them.

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Speaking to The Plymouth Herald she said: 

When we first met it was like I had known him my whole life, it wasn’t awkward at all. We just clicked. When we first started talking, I never thought it would be this serious.

Nobody took us seriously for a long time; I think everyone thought it was all a bit bizarre.

Unfortunately the couple haven’t seen each other now since October 3 so Rebecca is taking a three month sabbatical from her job at the insurance company TH March and flying out to Australia.


Rebecca says she’s excited to visit Michael and finally get to meet his family and friends who she claims she feels like she already knows as they speak on Skype so regularly.

Even better Rebecca’ family totally support her decision with her dad saying she should do these crazy things while she’s still young.

What does the future hold for the couple? Well Rebecca claims that they can make it work.

Good luck guys…